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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Baseball Drills >> Watch The Ball Through Drill

Youth Baseball Drills - Watch the Ball Through Drill

Purpose: Teach players to watch the ball through as baserunners, before taking the next base.

Line up a player at first base, shortstop, second base and in shallow left, center and right fields. Line-up remaining players in foul territory at first base. Start off the drill with a runner on first base. The coach hits to one of the fielders. If it's a fly ball to left field the runner at first should go half way between first and second and watch the ball to see if the fielder catches it. If the fielder catches it, then the runner should return to first. If the fielder misses it then the runner needs to continue to second base. Have the fielders play the ball live. Continue the drill with different baserunning situations and hitting to different areas of the field.


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