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Great drill for working on angle blocking against defenders to the left or right of the offensive lineman.

Set up three separate groups of players. The coach will move from one group to another, having only one offensive player angle-block at a time.

The offensive player who is lined up in front of the defender to be blocked should move quickly on the snap count to the side opposite the angle block.

It is important for the angle-blocking offensive lineman to understand that the defender will not be focused on him, but will instead be moving toward the offensive player directly in front of him on the line of scrimmage. The coach should give the offensive men the snap count, call out the cadence, and observe the block, making certain that it is executed correctly.

On the snap, the offensive blocker should take a short, two-inch, angle step down the line of scrimmage with the foot closest to the man he is attempting to block. This step serves two purposes. One, it allows the blocker to get his head in front of the defender, stopping penetration; and two, it allows him to open his hips, making it possible for him to attack the defender with a low, square, blocking surface.

The blocker must then bring his far foot quickly across his body, making certain that the step does not narrow his base. Because this second step serves to set the power foot of the angle block, the blocker must be sure to drive it aggressively into the ground. As the power foot hits the ground and the blocker explodes into the defender, he should jam the palm of the far hand into the side of the defensive player with as much force as possible.

Finally, the offensive lineman must finish off the block. Maintaining a wide base, he must continue to drive his legs, thrusting his hips forward and lifting up and through the defender.

During the entire block, the offensive lineman must concentrate on staying low, always trying to get under the shoulder pads of the defender. The blocker needs to take short, choppy steps, keeping his shoulders square and his back straight. As with all blocks, the offensive lineman must have his head up, neck bowed, and his eyes focused on the target.

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