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Tennis Doubles Games

by Jason Jamison

Team Doubles (6-8 per court)

One side is the serving side and one side is the returning side. After a point is played out, players take turns rotating one spot through the doubles positions. Games can be played to 7 or 11 with teams switching sides of the court after each game. This serving and returning rotation can be played from deuce court to deuce court or from ad court to ad court.



  • If a player makes an error, they immediately rotate out to the end of the line.
  • The coach can require players and/or award extra points for serving and volleying, poaching, lobbing the return, etc., depending on the skill being emphasized.
  • Simultaneous singles matches: Players keep the same opponent and play two points at a time before alternating out with the other singles players.
  • The coach can play on one of the teams or play in a fixed position that the players rotate around.


Champ of the Court Doubles - Rotating Approach (6-8 per court)

The champions start off at the baseline on the same side as the Coach. The challengers play three points against the champions. On the first point, the coach feeds a short ball to the approaching player on the challengers’ side. The coach feeds the second point as a volley or half-volley. The third and final point is fed as an overhead. If the challengers win 2 out of 3, they take the place of the champions. The coach counts down, “3-2-1” and feeds the next team while the new champions hustle over and play out the point.

Note: The coach can vary the success experienced by each player by adjusting the difficulty of the feed.

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