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Running Effective Team Tennis Practices

by Jason Jamison

Suggested Team Practice Formula

  1. Fun Warm –Up (movement, tracking, and cooperative hitting)
  2. Theme of the Day (based on observations from match play—tactical, technical, mental, and physical)
  3. Structured Match Play with Supervised Coaching (utilize creative scenarios & roam amongst matches)
  4. Fun Wrap-Up and Cool Down (large group game/activity involving everyone)

Coaches Dilemma: How do I run a practice if I only have 3-4 courts and 20-25 players to teach?

Solution: To start the practice, divide the team into two groups. The first group can begin the dynamic warm-up and light fitness activities off-court and the second group can begin the stroke grooving/cooperative warm-up on court. After 15 minutes, the two groups switch. Once all players have completed the dynamic warm-up and stroke grooving, the coach can break the players into theme courts as diagrammed on the opposite page.

Option 2: Offer two separate practice times: Varsity 3:00 – 4:30; Junior Varsity 4:15 – 5:30—JV players can begin the dynamic warm-up off court for the first 15 minutes. Also, a special day can be set aside such as Friday afternoons for a “farm team” practice so that no one is cut from the team. Top ranked varsity players can be deputized to serve as assistant coaches to help develop the farm team.

How can I structure my practices to integrate my varsity and junior varsity players?

Pick a game and organize multi-court competitions with players of mixed ability. Winning teams move up to the next higher court and losing teams move down to the next lower court. Thus, all players have an opportunity to work up to a higher court. The coach can also require that teams split up each time they move to a new court = mix and split.

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