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Top 10 Drills and Games Every Youth Tennis Coach Should Know

by Jason Jamison

Welcome to Top 10 Games and Drills Every Coach Should Know. This manual was developed for use by rookie coaches, mid school and high school coaches, and tennis instructors who are responsible for conducting team practices and group lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players.

This manual attempts to narrow down the most fundamental on-court activities into an easy-to-follow coaches guide. The activities chosen were able to meet the following criteria: 1) handle 4-8 players per court, 2) be operated by the coach or the students, 3) adaptable to various skill levels, and 4) Able to integrate technical and tactical issues. Coaches are encouraged to build upon this base of activities with additional drills and games as they continue gaining experience.

Consistent with “play based” coaching, it is important to structure practices and workouts based on observing players in match situations. This provides the context for which skills can be developed and honed. The practice formula below provides an ideal framework for helping players master skills and be effective in match play.

1. Fun Warm-up (includes movement, tracking, and rallying)
2. Theme of the Day (based on observing players in match situations.
3. Structured match play with supervised coaching (utilize creative scenarios and roam amongst matches
4. Fun Wrap-Up and Cool Down (Large group game with everyone participating)

Coaches can pick and choose from the drills in this manual and plug them into the formula above based on their needs. In addition, this manual includes information on basic strategies, suggestions for properly incorporating ball feeding drills and point playing drills, as well as information on how to organize practices with limited courts and multiple players.

I hope this manual proves to be a handy resource for your daily coaching activities and I wish you a lot of fun and success in all your coaching endeavors!

Warm-up/Stroke Grooving

Singles Game

Doubles Games

Fun Group Games

Effective Team Practices

Modified Game and Match Play Situation

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