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Coaching Youth Football: Installing the 50 Defense

Tactics, Techniques and Drills for Installing the Single Wing Offense

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Youth Football Coaching - Defensive Line Play

  • Reading
  • Angle/slant
  • Attacking

Regardless of the technique or front, the base essentials of defensive line play are the same. The defensive lineman must have the ability to play with leverage, to shed blockers, and to get to the football.

The defensive lineman's stance should be on which is feasible for the technique he is playing. The key factor in each stance is weight distribution. For instance, reading and movement fronts would require a more balanced stance, while an attacking front would require an elongated stance.

Balanced Stance

  1. The player assumes a three or four point stance.
  2. The feet should be shoulder width apart with a toe to instep relationship. The toes are pointed straight ahead.
  3. The weight is on the balls of the feet with a little air under the heels.
  4. The head is in a natural extension, with the back flat and the tail end raised slightly.

Attack Stance

  1. The player is in a three-point stance.
  2. The feet should be shoulder width apart with at least a heel to toe relationship. Toes are point straight ahead.
  3. The weight distribution is forward, with 60% of the weight on the down hand and the up foot.
  4. The head is in a natural extension, with a flat back, the tail end raised slightly and the knees bent ready to explode.

Two-point stance (Defensive Ends/Outside Linebackers)
  1. The feet should be no wider than shoulder width apart, in a parallel stance with the weight distributed on the balls of the feet.
  2. There should be a good bend in the ankles, knees and hips.
  3. The shoulders should be over the knees with the arms in position to deliver a blow on the tight end.
  4. The hands should be out with the thumbs up and the palms close together.
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