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    Your letting it get to personal. This is about you and not about your team. Let's be real here. You could be the best coach in the world and if you don't happen to have two or three studs on your team your not going to be blowing people out. Just like you could be a terrible coach and just happen to have three or four studs on your team and you are going to win. YMCA is recreation basketball by its very nature. I am not saying it's not competitive its supposed to be rec ball. My point is this. Remember the next time this happens (we have all been there and understand exactly how you feel). This isn't about you, it's not about the other coach, this is purely about ego. Nobody likes getting blown out. Nobody. So when the other coach vents his frustration recognize it as a moment of ego getting in the way and walk away. Now some thoughts on what you can do during blowouts. We would do one of two things. We would implement a couple of rules. No layups or fastbreaks, before we could shoot everyone had to touch the ball on the offensive end and the same person could not take a second shot until everyone else had taken a shoot. We would do this for half of the quarter and you would be surprised how good and quick your passing could get so that someone can take a shot, and then for the second half of the quarter we would do nothing but three point shots again with the rule that you could not take a second shot until everyone else had an opportunity to shoot. And lastly we would focus on playing defense and defensive rebounding. Finally, if you have a good team and you enjoy teaching the game and you have a committed group of guys. Take them to AAU and quit wasting your time. Just my two cents. Charlie