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    I know where you're coming from dizzy. We finished our season 1-5. We play in a 3rd-4th grade division right now, and only 2 of my 9 players were 4th graders (and one of them had never played football before). Looking back on our season now I can see a several things that need improvement: 1. Our team speed wasn't where it should be. 2. None of our kids could catch the ball in games, so our passing threat was nill. 3. We needed more practice with less plays to get all of the plays doen perfect. I think we had over 25 plays this season, and although the kids ran them all "OK", I think it's the little details and nuances of plays that can make all the difference (the fakes, and little uke moves and pump fakes, etc.). With all those plays we didn't have time to nail down the specifics this season, and I think that really hurt us in execution of the plays. This fall I will have 5 of the same kids back, and I am reducing our playbook down to 12 plays to start the season. With that said here are the 3 things I think I learned this season that will help us the most this fall: 1. Have a small 8-12 play playbook to start the season and get those plays down perfect including all pump fakes, jukes, routes, etc. for EVERY player before moving on to any more plays. 2. Make sure every play has at least 2 options, whether it be a run and a pass option or 2 run options, etc., this will keep the defense guessing every play. 3. Emphasize swarming to the ball every practice and every game so it becomes second nature.

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