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  1. My Son Wants To Quit Football

    That is always a tough one. You don't say anything about how your son usually feels about the game. Has he always been excited about playing football? Is he usually excited about practice and games? I would say that if the answer is yes then you should try and reason with him that he needs to stick it out and finish the season. If the answer is no then you might want to let it go and see if you can find some other interests. I have a feeling that this has probably already worked itself out. IC, Schann
  2. Congratulations are due to the Oregon State Beavers for their Herculean comeback in the College World Series. Winning 6 straight elimination games and still no respect from the national media. If it was Texas, Cal State Fullerton, Miami, or LSU win it the headlines are all over CNN, USA Today and ESPN. These guys have been overlooked all year. Some quick facts. Pitchers drafted in the first round of the 2006 MLB Draft finished 1-5 in seven games against Oregon State in 2006. Oregon State finished the MCWS with a .987 fielding percentage (Tied with Miami for best all time) Oregon State is only the second team to play eight games at the MCWS. Oregon State finished the regular season ranked number 11 behind (in order of ranking) Cal State Fullerton, Rice, North Carolina, Florida State, Clemson, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama and Mississippi State. Oregon State only has 6 seniors on the roster. Oregon State Players on All Tournament Team - Bill Rowe/1B, Shea McFeely/3B, Cole Gillespie/OF, Jonah Nickerson/P, Kevin Gunderson/P (5 Total) All but McFeely went to high school in Oregon. How they did it - NCAA Regionals Wright State 5-3(W) Kansas 11-3(W) Hawaii 12-3(W) NCAA Super Regionals Stanford 4-3(W) Stanford 15-0(W) College World Series Miami 1-11(L) Georgia 5-3(W) Miami 8-1(W) Rice 5-0(W) Rice 2-0(W) College World Series Championships North Carolina 3-4(L) North Carolina 11-7(W) North Carolina 3-2(W)
  3. Playing Time

    Coach Jones, While I don't agree with this coaches philosophy I am not sure there is anything that you can do. I would contact the league president or commissioner and find out what the player participation rules are as most rec leagues identify this as a potential problem and create some kind of rule to deal with it. If there is no rule then you will have to decide if you want to continue or call it a season and eat your $25.00. It's unfortunate that this happens, but hopefully the coach will learn and mature as a coach as the season progresses. Good luck, I hope things turn around for your son. Schann
  4. Practice Plans For 6-8 Machine Pitch League?

    Keep it short and hour to an hour and 15 minutes tops. Enlist help so that you can break your players down into small groups of 3 or 3 players. That way there is no one standing around. Stick to the fundamentals. Hitting Group: Soft toss Tee work Machine Pitch or Coach Pitch Fielding Group Grounders Fly Balls Throwing Baserunning Sliding Situational work Coaches I am sure there is more to add so add away. I always try to bring them in as a group at the end and have a short scrimmage. This gives you a chance to work on baserunning and fielding situations. Good luck and God Bless. Schann
  5. Back To Basics

    Coaches, There is some great information being thrown around here. Hopefully we can start making a difference one coach and one player and one parent at a time. I think we have all been there at one time or another and that is the whole idea behind this site - keep learning and keep growing. Good luck to all. Schann
  6. I'm Back

    Coach Breck, Welcome back! Sorry for all of the problems and I appreciate your patience. I can't tell you how fustrating it is that you have these individuals out there with nothing better to do than mess up someone elses site. Good luck with your upcoming season and happy posting. Schann
  7. 3-4 Yo Teeball Ideas

    Blucat, Thats a tough age group to work with. More so than silly drills I have found that getting 2 or 4 parents to help and breaking them down into small groups works well. Come to practice organized and ready to work on the things you want to work on. Have a schedule and stick with it. In other words keep things moving and keep everyone active. Most younger kids enjoying hitting alot, so bring more than one tee and keep multiple tees going at the same time. You can throw in soft toss so that they can start to get used to hitting without the T. A couple of fun things we have done that the kids really seem to enjoy are base racing, i.e. two lines racing to either first, second, third or all the way home. This is somewhat silly but it it good for learning to run the bases. The second one is we have set-up two or three T's and had a homerun hitting contest. Be sure to check out our drills database for some more drills. In Christ, Schann
  8. Help Please, Asst Coach Maybe Too Rough?

    Coach, Let me just say that regardless of what I say below, there is little bit of that coaching in me. I have coached at the youth level for the last 13 or 14 years and I think I have gotten better each year. At least I have strived to become more focused on the kids and less focused on me and my ego to win. I am less of that "in your face coach" who only cared about what kind of athlete you are, but right there under the surface is that some old coach that wants to find a way to win and can't stand the losses. With that said. I will tell you that fundamentally I don't agree with the philosophy here, but at the same time I will tell you there will be ten guys to my 1 that tell you this guy is right on. So basically it comes down to what you believe and what your philosophy is and it just plain doesn't matter what someone else thinks. Regardless of the circumistances you are the head coach so it is your call. I can go into a rant here that this is the very problem with youth sports. We have become a win at all cost society, we are more worried about what kind of athlete we are developing than what kind of person we are developing. Don't missunderstand me here. I believe in discipline. I just don't see what this coach is doing as discipline - it's punishment. The difference between discipline and punishment is that discipline is what you do for someone to make them better. If the girls are goofing around and making mistakes because of it, then by all means they should be running or doing pushups or whatever, but punishment for each mistake is not going to make them better, it's just going to destroy there self esteem. Regardless of the guys knowledge of the game that does not make him a great coach so don't feel like he is superior to you just because he knows a few more drills, coaches at the high school level and has a better understanding of field situations. Decide what your philosophy is and lay the rules down. He may not like it, but he just may learn something from you. Then again he may tell you to go jump in a lake. Understand that the problem here doesn't just fall on this coach. You will surely have many parents who won't agree with you, so your going to need to have some thick skin and be ready for the backlash. Go back to making the game fun. Most of these girls won't probably even play in high school so why not have a good time while learning something. I recently ready a great book on coaching philosophy called a Season of Life. Take a look at it if you get a chance as it is fantastic. Good luck, Schann
  9. Making A Group A Team

    John, You make a great point. Even as adults we want the opportunity to compete for jobs, councils, boards, etc. We make judgements and have opinions about people until we have to work with them and compete against them for our positions and after all is said and done mutual respect comes from everyone knowing their position and capabilities and that's when we can really work together for the good of the team. IC, Schann
  10. Can A Bat Make A Difference (age 7-9 )

    I will say this. A big barrel can make a difference in the power of the ball coming off the bat. Like anything just buying a big barrel and having your child go out and use it in a game is not going to help. In fact it will probably hurt as they must get used to it. I have seen many a kid start dropping the end of the bat when they first start using a big barrel if they don't have good hitting fundamentals and then don't end up hitting at all. I guess what I am saying is that if your child has good fundamentals and is committed to playing the game, then it may be worth spending $150.00 to $300.00 on a bat. IC, Schann
  11. Learning Fastpitch

    wtriplet, Here are some things to think about. Throw a minimum of 300 practice pitches each week. If your daughter is serious about pitching this season she needs to Practice…hard, serious practice is everything. Windmill pitching is not going to be easy. You need to build up to the point where you can throw 100 to 125 pitches every two or three days. Master the mechanics of the pitch first…then speed. Work on learning and developing proper mechanics. Then as you become more smooth and consistent with your motion, start adding speed. Do NOT worry about control right now…it will come later. Make certain you use: Consistent arm speed the whole way around; Arm extended (not bent) the whole way; Don't use only your arms and upper body to throw the ball...as your arm reaches your hip, bring your hip through with the pitch; Release the ball at your knee with the inside of the wrist straight ahead…facing home plate. Then follow-through…let your hand come up after the release, usually palm up, or whatever is natural to you. Get your speed consistently fast. You can develop good control ONLY if you can control yourself. Stay in your own head…whether in practice or in a real game situation…don't get distracted. Don't worry about a bad pitch, or fans or teammates yelling, or the umpire's call. Don't complain, whine, or make bad facial expressions. You MUST keep control…and show everyone else that you are the one in control. YOU run the game. Coach Ernie Parker has some great videos for the windmill pitcher. Below are some of the videos I would recommend. The Basics and Fundamentals for the windmill pitcher Ultimate Troubleshooting for the windmill pitcher The Drills Video Good Luck and God Bless, Schann
  12. Boys 3-4 Years - Games/drills

    One drill that we did that was very popular with our kids when they were that age was to place two groups of 10 to 14 cones in a 10x10 area about 25 feet apart. Each player has a soccer ball and on go they all dribble down the field to the first group of cones. When they arrive at the first group of cones they must shoot their ball at a cone and try to knock it over. They can not go on to the next group of cones until all the cones in that group on knocked over. Once they are they dribble down to the next group of cones. You can keep this drill going for awhile by setting back up the first group of cones while they are working on knocking over the second group of cones. This will work on their footwork and their shooting skills while giving them some conditioning. In addition by have that many cones each child will have the opportunity to have some success at knocking over a cone. P=Player X=Cone P P X X X X P X X X X P X X X X P X X X X X P X X X X P X X X X Another drill that is easy to run is to set up two groups of 4 cones in a straight line five feet apart from each other. Line X-----X-----X-----X Line Line X-----X-----X-----X Line First they must dribble with only their right foot through all 4 cones and then pass the ball to the first person in line who will then dribble back and pass to the first person and so on. After three of four times with the right foot, they must use only the left foot and then finally they can use both feet. If you have alot of players make three lines. Finally, small sided games are always a great way to introduce the game to this age group. 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, etc. The most important thing with this age group is to keep them moving. The more time they spend doing anything while kicking the ball, the better they will get. Good luck, Schann
  13. Best Coaching Video

    The 59 minute baseball practice video is a great video on running a solid practice in less than an hour. This video will help you organize a practice that keeps everyone busy. The hitting for excellence video is a little bit expensive, but you get 6 DVD's that cover everything from hitting the curveball, proper fundamental hand and foot work, shortening your swing, increasing bat speed and vision training. It is one of the best hitting series that I have seen. IC, Schann
  14. Baseball Uniforms

    I could be wrong but if I remember correctly from high school when we still wore them with real stirrups, they are the same pants. I don't remember exactly how we did it but we rolled them up with the socks and stirrups. IC, Schann
  15. Coaching Videos And Books, Which Ones To Buy?

    Great post BlitzkriegBob you have it right on the money. KEEP IT FUN!! The Eteamz website is also a great resource. We also carry many videos here at Y-coach.com but most deal directly with the apect of pitching. Another video that you may find helpful is the 59 Minute Baseball Practice Video. This video is geared towards baseball but the basic philosophy will transfer to coaching softball. We also have a coaching database with many drills geared towards the younger group. I have added some links below for your review. Y-coach - Coaching Database Instructional Softball Videos Where's The Play CD-Rom Softball Skills DVD Softball Drills DVD In Christ, Schann Holladay y-coach.com