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  1. bferron

    Flag Football Defense!

    I dont quite get this drill. The runner is sprinting straight down sideline, and the defenders are apart 3 or 4 yards. facing which direction? How far from sideline. I can make my own, but want to see how you run yours. Thanks, Bob
  2. bferron

    5 On 5 Defense Playbook

    I am a big believer in blitzing... but hate to leave middle open... so I normally play a modified 1-3-1 really it is a 4-1. 4 line up at blitz line. 90% of the time i blitz one of the two in middle. corners have short flat responsibility, safety has deep. Second in middle plays short middle zone. IN trips, I would blitz the offside corner who would move towards middle - unless there is motion back their direction. What do others play that blitz all the time? I would like to play 2 deep safeties, but havent been able to design and teach one without leaving gaping hole in middle. X X X X X As a coach who has coached in regionals and nationals, every great team i have come across has a blitz defense. Thoughts?