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  1. Kids love to run, to play, and to just have fun in general, so why is the youth sports drop out rate at a staggering 60%? Some may argue that the children who quit lack discipline, no drive to advance and therefore lose interest. What these critics fail to acknowledge is the fact that less than 20% of coaches receive adequate training and in more cases than not, the coach is what drives the kid away from the sport. What good is a coach who was never educated on the delicate aspects of communication, development, and leadership? An individual may know everything there is to know about a sport, but the real challenge is transferring their knowledge in an effective manner to their developing athletes. There a very few courses on the market that emphasize the importance of adequate coaching techniques, rather than the drills and skills of specific sports. Of the limited cognitively focused courses, an even smaller amount are offered at a reasonable price for a volunteer coach. The Fundamentals of Youth Sports program of the National Athletic Coaching Certification Center seems to be the only course that successfully provides beneficial material to coaches and continues to offer resources for a full year following course completion. Youth sports are designed for our kids to enjoy, to learn from, and to grow from. It is vital that we provide the best environment for our kids, starting with creating good coaches for them to learn under. Parents should be confident that their child will only take away positive experiences from playing youth sports. The first step in providing everyone with the best experience is ensuring their leader is prepared, and coaching education is the only way to do so. The days of uneducated coaches need to become a memory from the past, and it's up to us to make that happen. Chelsea Weimann National Athletic Coaching Certification Center Chelsea.Weimann@naccc.info
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