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  1. I also coach 8 year olds. I'm a first year coach and rotate all of my players. I think it keeps it fun for them all. My first goal is to teach them saftey, the rules, and then the fundamentals. I want to see all these kids back next year. That would mean the world to me. We just got beat 18 to 0 but I asked the kids after the game if they have fun and all said yes. Most said they wish we could have won the game but that it was okay to loss. I even had some say to me that they were sorry for not winning. I told them that they all showed me that they play with heart and never give up and that we will be fine. Just try to keep it fun for the kids.
  2. wrot52


    We had our first scrimmages today and looked really good. The offense moved the ball and scored 6 tds. I'm running the Notre Dame box. I was really consered about the offense because we just put our team together on Thursday. I made up simple playbooks for the kids. I think that helped because most of them knew were to go when the play was called. Our defense only gave up one td so that makes me feel better. I need some help with pass blocking drills? Something that is easy to understand because my team is 3rd grade kids. Thanks
  3. wrot52


    I'm not mandated to running I or split back. They would just like you to run those two formations. I can't have three runningbacks in the back field. So that means no full house T or wish bone. 90% of the teams run I but I would like to give the kids a look at something different.
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    WHAT ?!!!!! I HAVE HEARD OF SOME FREAKING DUMB RULES IN YOUTH FOOTBALL BUT THAT TAKES THE CAKE. Thats not even football. so you can not run wishbone, full house T, wing T, Stack I, I Wing, double wing, single wing, power I, pro I, beast, tripple b, split back veer, OR pretty much any offense invented in the last 100 years. I would find another leauge or get the rule changed. I have no clue where you would find a playbook for 8-9 yr olds that does not have at least three backs in the backfield. Remember a qb, slot, flanker, H back, are all backs if they are off the line of scrimmage. I would remind your leauge officials of this. apparently most coaches in your leauge have no more knowlege of football other than watching the NFL even most NFL teams have three backs. I have no clue why they would mandate such a rule? What is their reason for it? did some Dad coach get his little Johnny run over by a full house backfield one year or what? I would want to know some justification for the rule. It sickens me to see football ruined by made up rules by ignorant coaches and parents. I have a better Idea have your leauge officials find you three different playbooks that do not have three backs so you can study and find which system would work best for you. UNBELIEVABLE! They say that they don't want three runningbacks in the backfield. All they want you to run is the split back pro set and the I. I like an offense that has alot of misdirection.
  5. wrot52


    I'm looking for a playbook that I can use with 8 to 9 yrds. I was going to run the Notre Dame box, but the rules don't allow three back in the back field. I could really use some help. Thanks
  6. wrot52

    Nd Box

    I'm a new coach and think this would be a good offense to run with 8 to 9 yr olds. I"m looking for plays out of the fang, wild, and bear sets? I already have lots of plays out of the base box set right and left. I would like to know if anyone has trick plays to run out of this offense?
  7. wrot52


    I think i'm goin to give it a shot. If it doesn't work out it's not the end of the world. I was also thinkin about the Notre Dame box offense. You have any thoughts?
  8. wrot52


    Hi all! I'm new to this forum and to coachin football. I've been asked to coach a team for the local boys & girls club. I would like to get your input on runnin the triple option with kids that are 8-11? Do you guys think there would be to many reads for a young qb?
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