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  1. Thanks guys for the input. I ended up deciding against the jersey idea entirely for the very reasons you mentioned. I may revisit the idea in the future and implement it in a way you have suggested. I did decide to go with a reward/award type system. I got each player a folder and hand out "helmet" stickers for various efforts and they put them inside their football folders. Seems to be going over well so far. I like the coolest socks idea, thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Cliff and I am coaching my first team of 5-6 year old flag football. I read in one of the threads about nominating a player of the week with a special jersey based on best effort in all areas and thought it was a great idea. After re-reading that post I realize I read it wrong and he decided to nominate that player at the first practice following the game and that player got to wear the jersey to practices. When I explained it to our team I stated that the player who demonstrated the greatest efforts throughout the practice week would get to wear the player of the week jersey at the game. We are currently going to use basic blue and grey Parks and Recreation shirts for games. Our season began last Friday with our first practice and no game over the weekend. We held a practice on Monday and will again on Friday before holding our first game this Saturday. My question is this: Do you feel that choosing a team captain before the game and allowing that player to wear the jersey is a good idea or should I switch it to the way it was originally written? Someone mentioned that the player of the week with a "cool" jersey may be singled out by the opponents in the game...idk. What are your thoughts? Also, I attached a pic of the jersey. Thank you
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