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    Coaching Your Own Son!

    I don't have a boy playing, nor will I... I have two little girls (which present a whole different set of problems ...but that's an entirely different story ) I really feel blessed, because I'm able to coach for the love of the game and the good of the kids without having to deal with any family involvement. I never have to act like someone I'm not, nor will I ever have to ask myself whether personal ties are effecting my judgement...
  2. PrimeMover

    I'll Never Be A First Year Coach Again!

    Here's a synopsis that I put together... it's basically taken from the SAB presentation... (at this point I'm not using the rest of the SAB stuff, but I may next year) It's how I taught it for the last couple weeks of practice... B.E.E.F. BLOCKING METHOD STANCE: • Feet shoulder width and parallel • Butt down • Head Up • Four-point, then lift left hand and place on knee B.E.E.F. Technique (Drill each module separately before putting them together, moving gradually from slow to full speed) B – BLAST OFF: • Three-inch stomp with play-side foot (understand, you ask for three inches and you get six... which is what I really want... I'm just not telling them that) • Cock arms back • BACK DOES NOT RISE from stance position E – EXPLODE: • Three-inch step with back-side foot • Feet remain at shoulder width • Fire arms forward, driving hard and upward into base of breast plate o Proper use of technique will create even more disruption of defender’s balance when they’re slanting or gapped, as your angled strike to the front/side will improve leverage • Arms must finish near full extension • Palms up, thumbs facing each other • BACK DOES NOT RISE from stance position E – EXTEND: • Three-inch step with play-side foot • Feet remain at shoulder width • Drive hard upward with legs, focus whole body into defenders chest plate • Extend body from stance position to ready position F – FINISH: • Three-inch step with back-side foot • Drive defender upward and back • Feet remain at shoulder width • Every step that follows is a finish step • Finish steps until whistle blows IMPORTANT! If defender stands up and gives ground, he will be off-balance. IMMEDIATELY move to the balls of your feet and sprint into him. This may cause him to go completely off-balance and fall over.
  3. HAR! My team got it's first win yesterday... in their last game... and it was like manna from heaven... To the folks who recommended the B.E.E.F. blocking system, many thanks... I finally started to teach it two weeks ago... and yesterday I got a performance from my line that was complete dominance... it will be my cornerstone next year... Good lord I made a ton mistakes this year... mistakes I won't make again... Now... I anxiously await the year two mistakes... ...and a good deal of success
  4. PrimeMover

    I Need Some Running Back Blocking Drills

    that's good stuff... thanks
  5. I've got a set of running backs that would rather avoid or play pat-a-cake with defenders than actually hit and try to drive them... The one thing I'm sure of is that simply telling them to block their guy does virtually no good. Can anyone suggest some drills that might help... ...mind you, there's no guarantee that the person who's coaching the backs will pay any attention to what I suggest, but if that's the case, I'll just store any responses away until I have the authority to set policy. oh... we're talking 5th and 6th graders here Thanks!
  6. My fat Freddie (easily the biggest kid on the team) has a pulled left quad... or at very least he's putting on a good show... he's had it since about 15 minutes into the first practice a week and a half ago... even his mother says she's not sure if it's for real and that there's a fair chance he's just being a puss... apparently he's known for being a wimp... Personally I think it's a bit of both... Anyway, he's not of much use right now... What ought I do with him?... I can't work him into any lineup because he seems to keep aggravating the thing... and I'd rather see him heal and not injure it any further if it is for real. I also don't want him to drop out... he does show up for practice... What do I do with this guy at practice? ...just have him stretch the thing for two hours?
  7. Coachbreck... many thanks for your comments... the only thing that you suggest that we're not quite at yet is where I convince the head coach that our 170lb left tackle needs to be replaced because he absolutely does not want to hit, or be hit. I got a couple other guys who'd fill the bill much more effectively... We'll get there... As far as equipment goes, we're blessed... we got all the top notch equipment we can eat... I'm going to print off your comments and keep them in my back pocket.
  8. Greetings... I'm new here... I'm into my first year of coaching youth football... was real successful as a player 20 years ago, but... that was 20 years ago... We're into our 2nd week of practice and I've got an offensive line made up of 5th and 6th graders who are really playing football for the first time... those 6th graders who remain from last years 0 and 8 squad don't seem much different than the 5th graders... anyway, new coaching staff this year... go figure Here's the deal, they know their assignments for the few plays that we've installed, but they get off the line like they're rolling out of bed. Does anyone have any suggestions or drills that will help to get them firing off the ball? Any assistance you might lend would be greatly appreciated... Alright... I found 'tennisball' by rooting around here... looks good...