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  1. USA Volleyball moves forward in the technological era. They now offer the majority of the Impact certification courses via the web Impact certification is needed for any coach planning to coach within the relm of USA volleyball. Its also a good basics program for coach's. Once the certification is completed, it is good for life and does not expire. you can find out more information by clicking HERE!
  2. to further extend on the great advice fmfjohn gave you. Once you have them in the habit of pounding the ball open handing (tension technique). The easiest method for progression is commonly referred to as the Bow and arrow method. The serving arm draws back with the elbow high just above shoulder, the hand moves past the ear. The toss is made, they take one step forward and then they complete the cycle by hitting (or smacking when first starting) the toss. At this stage emphasize a toss that is high as a basketball rim. Post back, let us know how it goes
  3. there are 2 standards used. You are most likely going to be using the rules governed by the school, which follows states rules (NHS), if your in IL, its IHSA rules. My best suggestion to you is to grab a rule book from either of those places and read it. They are an easy read and detailed enough to make eeven the newest novice look like they know whats going on.
  4. You can find all of the 2008-2009 USA Volleyball CAP I & II module clinics by click here: CAP CLINICS **and click on course schedule link at top of page post
  5. Centipede is a serving game. You have one player on one side of court, and the players starts at the serving line and goes back and forth between each sideline moving from the serving line to the net. all other players are on the opposite side of the court and they each take a turn trying to hit the moving player. If moving player gets hit, he starts over(also changed out for new player) and 1 point is awarded to serving team. If centipede makes it to the net, serving team loses a point.
  6. here is part of a slide show I put together for some parents. I converted it to pdf. W formation in PDF format hope this can help future forum readers
  7. not to bring up a dead topic....but for future searchers.... These are fun but focusing drills that also help incorporate a little competitiveness and a lot of Team spirit. Serving Skills ---------------- Drill 1: Serving Relay Divide the group into even teams (if one team is short a player, 1 player has to repeat task. Repeat for all teams as necessary) Each team uses one ball and at the same time each team member serves the ball over the net. - If they make it over, they must RUN(its a race after all) and retrieve their ball, and then HAND it to the next player/Teammate in line. - If the ball is served into the net or out of bounds, the ball must be retrieved and reserved. - Once done, the completed players take a knee and cheer on their team mates (also while standing in line waiting for their serve turn) In my club, winning team gets water break and losing team gets a suicide, then water break Passing Skills ---------------- Drill 2: Queen of the court Divide group into teams of 3 players. 2 teams take the court. its a game of 3 on 3. -The Coach takes a ball and starts play on 1 side of the net. -All other teams line up on one side of the court behind the serving line waiting their turn. (Attention and focus is need) -3 player teams rally until point is earned. Team winning side point stays, losing team is off. -If losing team is on opposite side of team waiting area, winning team must hustle to open court side and new team can take court side closest to waiting area.
  8. I may be late on this post, but it should help for any future searchers... As someone who has done all the beginning courses, has vast playing experience and some coaching experience I have taken the Following: USAV Impact Training (now required by USA Volleyball in order to coach Club) CAP I ASEP's Coaching Principles & Sports First Aid (USAV equivalent to Impact) here is my take... Impact is a pretty much a CYA course on Ethics, Do's & don'ts of Coaching, Coach/Player Interaction and the benefits of USAV Training. CAP I teaches in depth skills and knowledge for coaching. Although it can be used at all levels, its geared toward the Higher aged youth brackets (14U and above). The topics and instructions are top notch and detailed. It touches fundamentals and in direct skills related to the sport. ** I took a lot more away from this than I did ASEP or Impact ASEP bridges the GAP between the two. Its more of an overall generalized coaching program and not sport specific, but does related to all sports with examples from all sports during the course. I would also highly recommend this. I Only took this course as a certification requirement to Coach witihin the High School s in my state of residence. **I took more away from this that I did Impact.
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