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  1. Remind the kids during the games about flag pulling.I'll never forget I had a team who never missed any pulls because we stressed how important it was during/after practice then before/during/after games.They really need to know how important it is.That is a huge key.Constantly reminding them.Remember those kids are young so it needs to be a constant reminder to them.
  2. Kids that young just take time.He still young.I wouldn't even worry about it at all yet...That will come with experience at QB.
  3. I use to love basic spread formation & trips...i go to the point where we only ran those 2 formations....teams that played zone we would just flood there zone with a bootleg and they could never cover it.dont forget to use motion.its a huge help and gives your qb a presnap read if the def goes or stays with the motion guy...if teams are primarily playing man to man then just run crossing routes.if they are zone teams teach your WR to sit in the holes in the zone.
  4. Is he a 1st time QB? if so you have to give him time to get adjusted to it? If hes not then you need to do drills to teach him to read the defense and move his eyes around.Just do like a 3 off vs 5 def with 2 WR & the QB.Have them run there routes and have him scan the field.How old is he?
  5. awesome.good to hear.good luck to you guys coach!
  6. I know i dont coach flag anymore but hopefully you guys all remember me...heres some of my teams tackle stuff. RB Run-This RB was probably the most physical kid in the league.Best athlete i've ever coached in my life. TD Pass
  7. Go with wrist bands.Keep your plays simple and they will be fine...i no longer coach flag but when i did we used wristbands to run no huddle.blew teams out the water.make your play names unique and you'll be fine.we usually got setup before the referee had even spotted the football.play fast and make the wristbands easy to read and you'll be fine
  8. So you going to start tackle with him in the fall?
  9. you can use microsoft word & set it to 3x5 and your all set.
  10. crossing routers/slants will always move the ball and get you yardage...be creative.
  11. ^i agree.sounds like its 2 big.cut it or get him the ones for 10 & under
  12. that age...probably FB.although if you can pull it off fake the sweep with the RB/QB
  13. wedge up the middle till the start cheating inside then start going back outside
  14. how funny i run double wing...we go off your triangle and depending on they play depends on how we run.thats basically all we scout.then we take it from there
  15. i would run 6-12 plays at level
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