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  1. rushbuster70

    Flag Pulling

    Remind the kids during the games about flag pulling.I'll never forget I had a team who never missed any pulls because we stressed how important it was during/after practice then before/during/after games.They really need to know how important it is.That is a huge key.Constantly reminding them.Remember those kids are young so it needs to be a constant reminder to them.
  2. rushbuster70

    Qb Mental Issues Help

    Kids that young just take time.He still young.I wouldn't even worry about it at all yet...That will come with experience at QB.
  3. rushbuster70

    I9 U12 Best Offensive Formation

    I use to love basic spread formation & trips...i go to the point where we only ran those 2 formations....teams that played zone we would just flood there zone with a bootleg and they could never cover it.dont forget to use motion.its a huge help and gives your qb a presnap read if the def goes or stays with the motion guy...if teams are primarily playing man to man then just run crossing routes.if they are zone teams teach your WR to sit in the holes in the zone.
  4. rushbuster70

    Qb Mental Issues Help

    Is he a 1st time QB? if so you have to give him time to get adjusted to it? If hes not then you need to do drills to teach him to read the defense and move his eyes around.Just do like a 3 off vs 5 def with 2 WR & the QB.Have them run there routes and have him scan the field.How old is he?
  5. rushbuster70

    Extreme Flag Football

    awesome.good to hear.good luck to you guys coach!
  6. rushbuster70

    Game Highlights On Youtube

    I know i dont coach flag anymore but hopefully you guys all remember me...heres some of my teams tackle stuff. RB Run-This RB was probably the most physical kid in the league.Best athlete i've ever coached in my life. TD Pass
  7. Go with wrist bands.Keep your plays simple and they will be fine...i no longer coach flag but when i did we used wristbands to run no huddle.blew teams out the water.make your play names unique and you'll be fine.we usually got setup before the referee had even spotted the football.play fast and make the wristbands easy to read and you'll be fine
  8. rushbuster70

    Extreme Flag Football

    So you going to start tackle with him in the fall?
  9. rushbuster70

    Template For Wrist Coach?

    you can use microsoft word & set it to 3x5 and your all set.
  10. rushbuster70


    I usually have my team's do mostly DB,WR,RB & QB Drills. However we throw some other stuff in there. Heres the ones we do most with explanations of them... If anyone wants more advanced QB & DB drills let me know...These seem to be plenty but I do have some from a coach clinic I went to last summer.Some of them are pretty advanced though. 1 - This just a back pedal drill.We usually break the team in half when we do this.Then we can adjust how they do it and actually teach them to back pedal.This is something we normally only do in the beginning of the season. 2 - This is something we do after teaching them how to back pedal.Some kids get it.Some don't.But this has increased interceptions because it teaches kids how to actually move after back pedaling. 3 - This again something that not all the kids get but we want them to be able to back pedal.We play nothing but zone defense so our safeties have to keep everything in front of them so this works well. 4 - This a drill on teaching kids to read the ball in the air.This has been amazing for us. 5 - More of a Free Safety Drill.So whether you play man or zone this is awesome for the FS.It should be a no win situation for the FS but it makes them react and read the QB,WR's & ball. 6 - A really cool drilll that kids like.We line it up with cones and they always get knocked over but it teaches them to move while back pedaling. 7 - More of a drill for our front zone guys in our 2-3/2-1-2.We dont worry about the sink hips part.Our main thing is teaching them how to shuffle.We just use cones or a bag for them. 8 - I'm sure alot of you coaches already do this.Definitely something we do more as the season is starting to see what kind of athletes the kids are but its great for conditioning. 9 - This is kind of confusing at first but the kids loved this.We didnt worry about the drop part just the sprinting,shuffle,backpedal ect...Again another drill that the kids like and is good for conditioning. 10 - Basic catch and throw drill.However this is were we teach kids how to catch with there hands and not there body and tucking the ball in.Its very very basic but amazing.Its lowered our drops.We do this at the start of almost every practice.Only takes 5-10 mins 11 - Every kid loved this drill.We have our QB throw to them.for teams who run man to man its good for coverage.its good for the WR getting open and the QB because hes throwing.We get in there as coaches and do this and the kids really like going up against us too lol. 12 - Warmup drill for the QB.I would also suggest having your QB stand with both feet towards the WR and him just swinging his hips and not moving his feet. 13 - Another warmup drill for the QB.Gets there arm going before practice/game. 14 - QB drill.I just have the defenders wave there arms back and for without moving there body. 15 - RB drill.We do this for kids who like to juke.We want kids to take 1 step and get up field and not run backwards or try to juke kids.We want them going up field.Good results from this 16 - Whooops same as # 10 lol 17 - Tip drill.I'm sure most of you coaches already do this.Sometimes we will have the WR tip it and have a defensive guy behind them to go catch it.Good practice for your QB throwing also. Coaches feel free to post up any drills you have with pictures here also.
  11. rushbuster70

    Offense To Slow

    crossing routers/slants will always move the ball and get you yardage...be creative.
  12. rushbuster70

    4 Year Old Son Won't Wear Mouthpiece

    ^i agree.sounds like its 2 big.cut it or get him the ones for 10 & under
  13. rushbuster70

    Attacking A 5-3 8Man

    that age...probably FB.although if you can pull it off fake the sweep with the RB/QB
  14. rushbuster70

    Attacking A 5-3 8Man

    wedge up the middle till the start cheating inside then start going back outside
  15. rushbuster70

    Trying To Stop The Sweep

    how funny i run double wing...we go off your triangle and depending on they play depends on how we run.thats basically all we scout.then we take it from there
  16. rushbuster70

    How Many Plays?

    i would run 6-12 plays at level
  17. rushbuster70

    Trying To Stop The Sweep

    i would hide the weaker players on the inside of the dline...studs would play LB for me.as far as stopping the sweep goes i would spread out the dline then spread the LB's out.that will definitely help.how do you have your dline shoot?are they shooting to the inside or outside gap on there side?
  18. rushbuster70

    What Offense Is This?

    sounds like a modified version of the single wing...what kind of defense are you running?
  19. I really dont believe the head issue comes until they get to 6-8th grade.Coaching tackle at the younger ages it was super rare to see a big hit.In fact I personally haven't seen one beneath that level.Obviously i'm talking the 12 year old range and up.Thats when boys start to mature ect so thats when they want to make big hits ect...
  20. rushbuster70


    I dont wanna say i'm a screamer.I'm just very loud lol.The kids dont hear you if you aren't.Thats my reason
  21. rushbuster70

    Information Overload

    good practice schedule...
  22. rushbuster70

    Communicating Plays?

    these kids are old enough to know there plays.teach them and run them over and over...or go wristband
  23. rushbuster70


    At that age I would definitely rush.I would have the fastest kid on the team doing it though.
  24. blocking or no blocking?
  25. rushbuster70

    Lineman With Physical Disability

    ^I agree...double team,cut block,down block...thats your best bet.