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  1. Adding another team isn't an option. I'm trying to recruit other dads but no luck yet. If I get a couple then great. But, I'm planning this as if it is only me coaching.
  2. I am currently the head coach for a 5-7 y/o flag tream (7v7) with 27 players on my roster. I have coached for several seasons but with 10 or less. I don't want to just "manage" these kids during practice and make them do alot of running drills to keep their attention. I want to teach them as much as possible but with this many, it's quite a challenge. Has anyone else been in this boat. I have thought about breaking the boys into 3-4 teams and having 3 teams sit with there parents while I coach one team at a time. Or, breaking them into 2 teams and just have them each practice twice a week on seperate days. Any suggestions? Now games will be a whole different challenge. Do I assign each kid his own position or not. I generally don't at this age level in the past. As for rotations and playing time, I have always broken my team into 2 seperate teams. This made substitutions and making sure every kid got to play a snap. But, doing this with 27 players in a whole new problem. With this many kids, even if I had 3-4 teams and rotated them all, each kids would only get to play maybe 3-5 downs each. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. This is my first post on this site, although I've been scouring this site for months. I've found so much good information that I have used with my team. I coach 5-5 flag football in the 7-9 age group. I usually have around 10 players on my team. I think I do a pretty good job developing speed and movement in all of my players. Even the less athletic players who weren't that good at the start of the season are scoring and developing a ton of confidence by the end of the season. I am somewhat limited on the drills I use, so I'm looking for more fun and effective drills to help improve speed, cutting ability, agility and balance. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some suggestions? Also, does anyone have some info on how to correct poor running mechanics? I have one player who is fast but has poor running mechanics. I know if his mechanics were better, he'd smoke all the other players.
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