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    Teach Your Kids How To Catch!

    I agree, catching with hands is one of the most important things to teach any receiver along with watching the ball all the way in to his hands. I find that kids think they are watching it all the way in, but you can see many of them taking their eyes off at the last second and it hits the wrong part of the hand.
  2. Coach KB

    5 On 5 Flag Advice- Coaching D

    Well, since we only practice an hour before the game, I tried to instill the 2 1 2 D and rush half the time (because the team ran a lot of running plays). I noticed that the kids had problems staying in their zone and corners followed their guys. We got crushed. The age is 11-15 and most of our kids were 11-12 while the other team's kids were 13-15yrs old. It seemed their guys were faster and better at pulling flags. Although we were able to score twice it was because our RB avoided the 1st guy and ran all the way both times. We should have played much better but like I said, I think it will take more practice to get them to stay home and get in front of the guy while trying to pull the flags. We decided to have a practice this week so we can work on it. I do like the 2 1 2 though and will mix it up with the a couple other looks.
  3. Coach KB

    5 On 5 Flag Advice- Coaching D

    Thanks for the advice. I will try some of those tactics and see how our kids do.
  4. Hello all, I have been reading the forum and it has some great advice for new coaches such as myself. I am the defensice coach for my 11-15yr old team and could use some advice on defense. At these ages, the kids can be pretty quick and if you don't have your talented kids in the right spots, you could give up many TDs. I run a man/zone hybrid currently. Where we have 1 line up over the center, 2 corners, 1 LB, and 1 Safety. This is I9 league where the LB can rush from 7 yrds out. My question is, do you all feel that it is indeed best to have your most talented player at safety? Where do you think the 2nd and 3rd most talented kids should line up? Currently I have them at the corners and playing inside a bit. I rush my lesser talented kids because although they might lack some of the skills that the others have, they are still pretty fast kids that can apply pressure. Thanks Coach KB