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  1. Thanks. By the way, I just tried the tennis ball OL drill with my 10 year old OL son. It was amazing. The first few tries showed his fire off was terrible. He went up and then out slow and weak. After about 8 tries, he was firing out and catching the ball. I was even able to start moving back. He picked up 2+ feet of explosion in 10 minutes. He was rated by the other coaches as our top OL man, so if he was not exploding then we definately have work to do. Thanks again. Here a link that I found teaching the drill: http://www.infosports.com/football/arch/2518.htm I could not find the drill on this site. PS. The head coach ran the whole team through this drill tonight. It worked great.
  2. edited. Things are working out. The tennis ball drill was great. Thanks.