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  1. Hello guys , Need your opinions here... If you had the option for an 8 yr. old in coach pitch...His League does allow bats up to 2 3/4 barrels.... Which bat would you choose if you had the option of ANY bat no size rules and lets say money is not an option.... Would you go Big barrell EXOgrid,catalyst. Comabt Da Bomb or something of the sort... Or go Demarini F3 or Techzilla......My son has a very good swing not the best but getting better everday day......He makes solid contact every at bat and is selective on his pitches..He hits for medium to long power..Which bat would you choose and why... he is currently using a -10 Catalyst but I have heard SO MANY good things about the techzilla that i bought him one 2 days ago and have yet to recieve it.....Did I make a bad move by going away from the 2 5/8 and 2 3/4 barrells or is barrel size overrated?? Any input appreciated.....