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  1. Do you have an excel/word printout you could share or IM me? I have seen it done before, and seems simple enough on offense. Defense I am not so sure about. I move my kids around a lot, and I don't know if it would be more effective to do that, or just come up with signals from the sidelines.
  2. Does anyone have a template for the wrist coach? I spoke with another coach and saw how he drew his up, but he basically did it in excel. I am sure I could do the same, but I just wanted to check to see if someone possibly had a template I could use. http://www.footballamerica.com/football/pr...oductDesc=15120
  3. Sorry for such a late response. I tried that program Coach Robo, and could not figure it out. Do you have any saved plays you can e-mail me? I am just curious to see how someone uses it. Just PM me as time permits. I have been playing around with this Visio football stencil (attached) which I found while surfing, and thusfar it has really helped me as far as creating guides for my coaches, diagrams for the kids, etc. Problem I am having is actually drawing up plays. The blocking arms tend to be a tad bit too wide, and I am not that proficient in Visio to effectively alter (nor create my own). Whoever created this, I like how the icons represent the formations. That is something else I can't figure out how to emulate. The way the items snap to the grid is helpful to me since I am a compulsive about things aligning right, so if I could figure out how to draw some additional items and add (blocking arms, arrows, etc.), then I may be able to work with this. Anyone good with Visio? Visio_football_stencil.zip
  4. I am sure there is some information somewhere on the net (or in these forums), but starting from scratch. New coach, first day of practice. What would you recommend he brings. I am just guessing here, but off the top of my head I'd say... - tackle dummies / pads / cones - whistle - stopwatch - (2) dry erase boards (small for the huddle, and larger to teach) - water cooler (possibly assign task of bringing ice for parent???) - a practice sheet (or lamented play sheet) - other sheets (roster, parent contact info, etc.) - first aid kit - cleats (do any of you coach's wear cleats?) Am I on the right path, or far off? Say you were mentoring a young coach to replace you. Assuming he is starting from nothing, how would you instruct him?
  5. I burst into laughter when you mentioned having the parents run laps. This is my first year taking a jab at coaching, and at the first coach's meeting they were adamant about this 7 play rule. Went on to say even if the kids miss practice, they still have to play. I disagree with their logic. They state the kids shouldn't be penalized for their parents inability to get them to practice. And with gas prices, I can certainly understand. However, I truly don't believe that is fair to the kids who work day in, day out and attend every practice...then the one kid can miss all week, show up, and I am expected to play him in the game. How can I teach them about discipline and responsibility if I have some board members who smack my hand. It is almost like the debate of timeout vs spanking. Different philosophies I suppose. But hey, what can I do? League rules have my hands tied.
  6. To be honest, I haven't played around with it in quite some time now. All my plays are currently on an excel spreadsheet, and I haven't taken the time to enter them in because I don't want to put in a lot of time if I am on the fence about purchasing. Like I stated before, I think I may get it just because as a rookie coach, I like how you can see multiple defensive fronts. That is probably my favorite option on there. I also like how this is basically a database I could build on for future years.
  7. I will be coaching tackle, and it will be 7-8 yr olds. I have been playing with the coach's office, and I can definitely see some benefits; especially if you plan on coaching for a while. I am a rookie, but one of the things I like about it is how you can create a play, then use the drop down list to show various defense fronts. I guess when you have been coaching for years those things probably come second nature, but to me, i guess I am thinking too hard.
  8. Thanks for the advice with the playbook. I got it to work. Now do I care for it? Not really. Seemed like it wasted more time for me. As far as your playbook, I have a few questions. The numbering system. Are those just arbitrary numbers, or do they correlate to the position? Like with the one I was constructing, QB-1, SR-2, FB-3, RB-4. Also wondered about blocking assignments for your linemen? What ages are you coaching? I will be coaching 7-8 yr olds.
  9. So you said you had to scrap it after the first game? lol. I'd love to hear the story behind that. Regarding the AS Football Program, it comes up, but say for instance the PLAY option. When you go in, all the options for route, style, starting point and end type are grayed out. Even when I click NEW, nothing happens.
  10. I am sure this has been asked several times, and I am a noobie here. I will be diving into my first year of coaching, and I like to have things organized. I was wondering what is the best software/tools to use? I have a friend who places his in Excel. I read other places where people did it in Visio. I have Visio, but I need a template or something. I have found a few software programs by Googling, however a number of them are a tad bit more than I am willing to pay. I located this one program which was free called AS Football Play Editor (http://assoft.home.comcast.net/%7Eassoft/asfootballplayeditor.htm) which I have not been able to get to work so I guess that defeats the purpose. The other is called Coach's Office (http://www.coachsoffice.com/). That Coach's Office looks pretty good, and they have a youth option for $89. I just wanted to check with some people who have been there first before I go out and purchase something I might not need. The only prob with that CO is that there is no section to enter the kids info in...which is feature I think would be pretty cool. What do you guys think?
  11. Schann, I love this post. I share some of the same frustrations as you. I know one of my ultimate goals is to create a Christian based recreational facility. It just seems like there is always some battle I am fighting. But back to your post. You said some very profound statements, and I agree with you. I will say this though. I am a proponent of allowing Christ to shine through you. We all fall short, but if your heart is in the right place, and you sincerely want (and allow) God to use you, then your actions will speak louder than your words or past mistakes. People will notice something different on you. And like davecisar said, you will be someone these kids look at 39 years down the road. I think sometimes we stay stuck on our past mistakes and can't move past them. Don't let that discourage you. Sounds like you are a role model to your kids, as well as others. You are providing them both with a foundation. I admire you, and others for what you do. I am a father of 4 boys, and this will be my first year coaching. I look forward to saying I have been coaching for years, and assisting young men grow to be the men God called them to be. I may not have the platform right now to minister to them with scripture, but I will make sure that I lead through example, and teach them principles of character. You never know what your words of kindness may do to change those children's lives.
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