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  1. johnmiku

    First Time Coach Here

    Thank you.
  2. johnmiku

    First Time Coach Here

    Thanks for the reply. For some reason I can't post my playbook. In a 1-3-1 how far off the ball would you have each player? Does it change if we are not allowed to rush the QB?
  3. johnmiku

    First Time Coach Here

    Here is my playbook
  4. johnmiku

    What Will You Do New This Year?

    Hello. I'm a first year coach. With an entire team that has never played before. So for me everything is new. I've post another thread looking for ideas. Thanks guys.
  5. johnmiku

    First Time Coach Here

    Hello. I will be coaching my son's 6-7-8yr old flag football team this season. It's my first time coaching and the entire team's first time playing. Just looking for ideas here. I have a few drills (flag pulling, hand offs, pass patterns)in mind so that part should be a problem. The questions I have are about play calling and the kids learning. I will be in the huddle with them during games. So on offense I am going with just two formations four plays for each formation. I have made up 'flash' cards to have with me in the huddle. On defense it has been suggested I use a 4-1 because of the limited passing. And zone mostly with man on man in the no run zones. Ideas? Thoughts? Thanks. John.