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  1. Hi Mike. I have 2 DDs age 16 and 14, and coached both of them all through rec softball. The elder girl got the idea I was there to coach the team, not just her. The younger girl thought she should get all the breaks because I was head coach after her sister moved up in each division. This was the younger girls last year at rec, she goes to high school next season. My son is 7 this year, last season was my first coaching football and baseball with him. He is very coachable and doesn't expect me to give him any favors. He wants to play QB, and last year I told him (and my wife) that being his first year in the league he would probably be a backup player, and should just practice hard and learn the speed of the game. We actually only had 16 kids come out for the 1st-2nd grade level last year, so he would up as a starting DL. He played great at that position. This year, I told him I was taking over the offense, and I was going to try out everyone for any position. He has been working hard over the summer at QB skills, and he will probably be the best qualified player when we open camp in August. My wife supports this, she does not want the kids getting over on anyone else because their parent is one of the coaches. She comes to the games and watches her son play so I don't have to try and give a report every week.
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