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  1. I am new to the forum and YES, I am a female in a baseball world. I not only played softball at MSU, but was on full ride and played first and third. I am now living in a world of men and baseball with my All-Star Little League 10 year old. With respect to many in the baseball world .... I have not only coached for 6 years and I was a boys physical education teacher for 8 years as well. I am a "teacher" and want the kids to learn fundamentals at an early age. I need some help from some experienced coaches as well as players as to the placement of the feet for first basemen that I may take back to some very old school men that have decided that a woman does not have any place in baseball ...... I tried to work with 10 All-Stars with feet placement. My "old" school lessons included placing feet on the corner's of the bag and then if the throw was from the infield the right foot would remain on the bag and if the throw came from second base or right field that the left foot remain on the bag. My 10 year olds are stretching too early (if stretching at all) and then trying to cross over to take a throw from second (which does not allow them to correct for a bad throw) Can someone give me some guidance on this please. I have watched the pros, college, researched the web, etc. and it has not been conclusive as to the proper fundamental technique. THANKS in advance!