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  1. I found this site while surfing the net trying to find out how in the heck to coach volleyball. I graduated from college in May and will be a first year teacher in the fall. I found out through the grapevine that I will be expected to coach middle school volleyball in the fall which is fine but I am clueless. My daughter played in middle school but I don't know the rules, techniques, drills, etc. I believe in being as prepared as I can be for my students...this includes the volleyball team. The team has already been chosen, the schedule is set to start on August 21. What do you suggest I do? Honestly, a feel completely blindsided now that school will be starting back on August 1st. Our school has a volleyball period scheduled and no after school practices. I was given a roster with 14 seventh graders and 10 8th graders. I have the schedule printed and I have phone numbers and addresses but do not want to contact anyone until I have everything in order...which needs to be sooner than later! Thanks for your help!
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