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  1. I see some really good ideas YMCA coach we play 5 on5 qb cant run rusher has to be 7 yards back
  2. Hi guys im in some need of some good passing plays. I got a couple but i need some quick passing plays to get the ball out of my QB's hands quick we have fast rushers in our league
  3. Yea I agree I coach in the ymca to and at this age the reverses and misdirection runs will kill a defense if you keep your players up close and 1 back you can blow those plays up
  4. Hi coaches well my great 1st thru 3rd team which was mostly 3rd graders we have moved on to the 4th-6th division and we should do fine with our no huddle offense my concern now is with the new team which will more than likely be 1st and 2nd graders. I do have 4 returning players i have 3 girls who are now in 1st grade and a boy who is now going to 2nd grade. I haven't gotten my new roster yet and wont get it until next weekend. I need help with some plays that are simple want to keep it 6 to 8 plays mis direction works like a charm in this age group so i just need something new. Anything could help
  5. one of my favorite plays against a 3-2 because we see that alot is slaughter. You have 3 wideouts to the left. The center runs a 6 yard curl, the inside reciever runs a fly, the middle reciever runs a corner and the outside reciever runs a 5-7 yard in route. If the linebacker blitzes hit the center, if he stays hit the in route. Depending on the saftey we will either hit the corner or the fly. Another play i would do is the flying dutchman where i have 3 wideouts to the left, the insdie widout does a post, the middle reciever does a seam route so he's looking as soon as he clears the 3 guys up front and my outside reciever runs a fade attacking the other saftey and they make a mistake everytime
  6. Okay i need some pass plays only a couple im needing a short an medium pass play i have pritty good deep pass plays any help would be appricated thanks.
  7. it's nice to see someone from chandler/gilbert on here. I usually run the same plays with man and zone. I coach a a 7-9 year old team and we one 20 games in a row we have mis direction plays and trick plays and it works alot. As far as the older divison we run a no huddle offense and it throws team off balance
  8. We are using wrist bands this season we only have 6 plays that run to the right or the left i have every player on my team do every route we would have ran every route 50 times before we put the entire offense together
  9. how do you defend the pass from this formation
  10. love the playbook what have been your most sucessful plays
  11. it Was a good practice for us i decided to keep the wildcat plays for my 1st thru 3rd team we got alot of work done last night and it was suprisly cool in Arizona tried a whole bunch of misdirection run and passes looks like they will work for us. My 5' 8 reciever finally is jumping for the ball and he's the tallest one in the league so im really excited
  12. Hi coaches well our first practice was on Saturday and i'm trying something new we are running the wildcat offense and i have to say we are looking pritty good we have we do most of our running out of this formation we have 2 pass plays from this formation 3 normal passing plays our goal line passing play and 1 trick play i think we have 8 to 10 plays total so we will see how it works im interested to see what you guys are running this year
  13. very true im just really stumped on what to run this season my goal is to have 6 plays for my younger 1st-3rd team and 10 for my 4th-6th i just want those plays that i can use for like the rest of my coaching career
  14. The fall season is approaching and i am stumped on what plays to use i want plays that my league have never seen before do you guys have any thanks
  15. Rushbuster i am in Chandler AZ we are getting ready for the summer season getting ready to install my brand new offense this team that ran it in the midwest and ran it 6 on 6 so i just took one of the recievers out and i cant wait to see it in action
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