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  1. Most leagues require 7 guys on the line and it doesn't matter about the line balance. Single and Db. Wing offenses all run unbalanced lines. It works well. Ed
  2. Kinda funny, that is one of our plays....exactly the way you ran it. I slide out my power tackle with one back and my wing and throw to my back.....It went for a fumble and a loss this weekend the one time we used it. I switch my trips around alot. It keeps them guessing.....Thanks. Ed
  3. We're heading into the playoffs in two weeks. We'll play the # 1 team who we beat up and down the field in the third game of the year but lost on one sweep play and a TD called back. End of story.... I was wondering, to mix it up and have some fun with the kids, what are some of your trick plays?? I'd like to loosen it up for the kids and run a few tricks here and there....They are 7/8 and a pretty advanced "O". We run a no huddle for the first 3 sets (4 plays at a time) of each game and pretty much eat the clock up and score first all the time. I'd love 5 or so of your trick plays. We run the single wing pretty much under the QB and a few shotguns. Thanks in advance. Ed
  4. I have had this problem for two years now and just can't seem to correct the problem. We are 4 sweeps from being 6-0 instead we are 3-3 this year. We have literally lost three games in the last minutes or at times we could have gone to win the game. The games we have lost were in OT or by less than a TD. Currently, we run a 6-3-2 or a 7-3-1. Either way, our defensive ends are up and on the line trying to push the runner inside for the tackle. It seems that the ends either get tied up with the wing or end and get sucked in. Alot of times, the DE isn't in a good position and misses the tackle trying to make "Sportacenter" tackle. Without saying any more, they miss the tackle and the back gets great yardage and/or a TD. A What can I do to prevent this? Should I be doing some sort of drills, practice tech or what. We drive into their head not to get sucked in, watch the ball, and wait fot the runner to come to them and then "push em' in". Please, what do you think. I told the D coach to run a 6-2-3 and play the safety pretty much as a QB spy or a "Troy Palomalu" type back. Let him free lance pretty much. He decided not to and we lost 6-0 on a sweep. I'm on the bridge ready to jump.....Please help. Coach Ed www.WestMifflinYouthFootball.Com
  5. Coach Ed


    Run a single wing or a double wing back....I love it so far. Coach Ed
  6. I am a bit confused. Why would you separate practice at all? You have 1 team. If you are worried the little guys need extra attention recruit an assistant coach who can spend extra time with these guys while you work the offense on plays. With 18 kids on the roster I think each and everyone of them would both practice and play as 1 team. If you start your best 5 kids and play them both ways that leaves 12 other full time players. Even if you started the best 8 that would leave 6 other full time starters and you would then have 4 subs. You may find those K kids wont come back and play for you next year if you don’t practice and play them. Football is not fun when you don’t play. My son skipped flag and was a stud CB and FS at age 5 in a 7-9 league because he was quick and didn’t have to stand still and he had a coach that believed all kids on the roster would play. Had the opposite mentality last year and only 5 out of 30 kids returned. We have 5 day a week practice here which I think is overkill but I would practice no less than 2-3 times a week as a team. I would start with the fundamentals. I would not expect this age group to understand fundamentals yet even if they played last year. We work fundamentals every practice for at least 20 minutes. As they improve we tweak. Heads up wrap better explode quicker etc. Just my 2 cents. Best of Luck. Leslie How can you have an organized K-3 grade flag football program.....That's way too young. Too much for them to take in..... Ed
  7. Well, the JV or 5th Qtr games were and always been for the younger or less talented kids. Our first team O and D are pretty fast, hardcore and like to hit. I have 14 or so that just don't have the hitting ability and WILL get someone hurt if not themselves. There is a big difference between a just turned 7 YO and an advnaced 8 year old. I don't care what anyone says. My 8 YO QB and Backs can hit any hole with authority and make the play work for 5-15 yards at a time. They are not real quick to understand the Single Wing O that I run coming off the street and putting on a uniform for the first time. My younger kids just can't. Come November they may. But this is what the 5th qtr games are designed for. They are 100% developmental. SO.....What do I say when parents say that their son or daughter should be starting at QB or RB and can't even figure the plays out?? That's whay I love the 5th qtr games. They are a real game, against kids more they size and ability level. I don't know.....I guess I just have the weather it out and stick to the policy that there is "No gaurenteed Playing Time".....But there is 100% gaurenteed playing time in the 5th qtr. I'd personally like to split the teams into a 7 YO developmental team that MAY play come gameday. But will play come the 5th qtr games. I would say that having them play in those games vs. getting their head smacked in in the regular would bring them back the next year. I'm not for burying them in the O or D. They can miss a block and get killed or get someone else really hurt. That's just appeasing parents and not coaching. Ed
  8. K, Thanks points all well percieved. So what do i tell the good kids come Monday nights when they are not allowed to play in the 5th Qtr games. There are NO STARTERS allowed in the games Monday night. Thoughts on that? Thank again, Ed
  9. I know that other folks go though this. I hope that someone can help me here, even guide me......I have 36 7/8 YO kids on our team. We are in a very aggressive 13 team league in Western PA. I have honestly 14 GOOD, possibly GREAT youth players at the 7/8 level. They know how to block, hit, play and more importantly protect themselves. They play clean, pay attention (for the most part) and score points. We lost a heartbareaker yesterday 6-0 for various reason such as penalties and blah, blah, blah.....We played a great game. We know where our mistakes were and what we have to do to correct them. After the games, some of the parents started with the "EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY" no matter what. In our league, there is a simple clause that not everyone may get to play. Playing time is not a gaurentee. In a 6-0 game when we were on the 6 yard line and failed to punch in, should I have put some of my kids that can't block at the level we need? We took the ball down the field 54 yards in about 3 minutes. These are the young 7 year olds that can block but are still afraid to hit and really can't focus IN A GAME as to what to do. Practice is different. I'm sure you know the kids we are talking about. What do you do? If they didn't keep score, and there isn't a set of playoffs followed by a Big Super Bowl at the end of the seson I can see just playing everyone. Honestly, I'm at a loss here. It's a new set of parents this year. Seems that the kids are a little bit more babied than years past. It was cut and dry last year. Keep in mind, we have 5th qtr. games too or JV. They play Monday nights and NO STARTERS are allowed to play. I don't even have them wear their pads. Just shirt and shorts....This is for strictly the younger kids and more inexperienced kids..... THOUGHTS? SUGGESTIONS? IDEAS? Coach Ed www.WestMifflinYouthFootball.Com
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