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    Losing The Ball

    This is a common struggle for girls this age. What you can work on is hard and soft focus. What is happening is your daughter is watching the whole motion of the pitcher and gets lost in all of the movement. What you can work on is your DD having a soft focus, not focusing on anything but just looking at the pitcher and as she goes into the motion now she hard focuses on the hip of the throwing hand. This way she is not confused by all of the motion. A way to practice this is use different color balls when throwing a close head on and have her only swing at white ones. Also have her focus on you and then go through the motion and then hold a number with your fingers at the throwing hip and she has to shout it the number you are showing. this will train her to relax her eyes during motion and then hard focus on release point. Scott Miller www.gaptogapsoftball.com
  2. G2G

    Fun Practices?

    I use games every once in awhile to break up the routine of daily practice. The games that I am going to describe are all games the kids love and they are still working on skills they can use. Games can be used as rewards also for working hard; also they can be used for conditioning. Thunder Ball- Thunder Ball is great for conditioning and also great to work on base running. You will divide the team into two separate teams. The team on offense is at home plate and half the defensive team are at first and the other are at third. The offensive team will hit a soft tossed ball anywhere in fair territory. After contact they will run the bases. The defensive team after the ball is contacted will run after the ball and both players have to touch the ball, they may not throw the ball backwards or carry it, they just touch it. The person running the bases continues running until both players touch the ball. The offensive team scores by how many bags are touched before the other team touches the ball. An example: Player hits the ball to left field she is rounding to go to third when both players touch the ball, the team will get two points. Hitting Game- The hitting game is designed to work on defense and have girls hit in pressure situations. The team is divided into two separate teams, offense and defense. The defensive team can play anywhere on the field they choose, once they get the hang of it strategy will play a role. The offensive team will line up at home plate; one girl is in the batters box the rest are in a line a safe distance away. The girl hitting will stay hitting until she does not score a point. The way to score a point is 1 point: ground ball to the outfield, 2 points: ball that hits the outfield grass in the air, 3 points: ball over the outfielders head, 4 points: Homerun. The offensive team will hit for 2 minutes and then the teams switch. The defense is trying to stop ground ball from getting through the infield and fly balls from hitting the grass. The point system can be changed to whatever you feel you want to emphasize. Protect the Backstop: Protect the backstop is a game that works on hitting and defense. This game is better played with 14 U girls and not the older ones. The offensive team will hit from second base or farther back if they are older. You can soft toss them balls or you can have them hit off the tee. Their goal is to hit the backstop. They get points for every time they hit it. The defensive team is lined up in front of the backstop trying to stop the ball from reaching the backstop. They can position themselves any way that they see fit. Pepper: Pepper is a fun game that working on handling of the bat and fielding. One player is a hitter and the rest are about ten feet away in a straight line. The left side of the line is the beginning of the line. A player in the throws the ball to the hitter who just check swings to hit a ground ball to the players in a line. She gets out two ways, 1. Misses the ball then the girl at the head of the line becomes the hitter and the hitter goes to the back of the line, 2. The hitter pop up or lines out and then the player who caught the ball is now the hitter and the hitter goes to the back of the line. Scott Miller www.gaptogapsoftball.com
  3. G2G

    Can A Bat Make A Difference (age 7-9 )

    Proper fundamentals is what makes the difference. I remember when I was younger I asked my dad for a $200 bat and his response was is that I had a $60 swing. So when I worked hard enough to get that $200 swing I can have a $200 bat. Scott Miller
  4. G2G


    When I started coaching softball Coach Candrea gave me a great piece of advice, "Boys need to play good to feel good, and Girls need to feel good to play good." I have used that theory and it has payed off for me. Good Luck Scott Miller www.gaptogapsoftball.com
  5. G2G

    Fun Practices?

    There are a ton of games out there to play, I am on a family trip or I would send you a list of games to play. We just took it off my website, so I will have to send it to you. If you send me a reminder email I will do that when I get home. But one game we play is the hitting game. You divide the team up in two teams. One is hitting and the other is in the field the team in the field is trying to stop balls getting past the bases on the ground or hitting the outfield in the air. The offensive team is given two minutes. The hitter hits until she does not score a point. A ground ball past the bases is one point, hits the grass two points and over the outfielders head is three points. I hope I explained this OK, I am in a hurry. This is a good game because it works on fielding, hitting under pressure and team communication. Scott Miller
  6. G2G

    Batting Drills

    Tee work is something I use every practice. The stations I use at a normal batting practice is a tee station, soft toss station, Head on, and then a bunting station. The reason we work so hard on bunting is that we may not bunt every game but when the times comes to lay down a bunt it is normaly a close game and there is no room for error. I love any hitting drill that breaks the swing down into parts and makes each part work on its own. Coach Candrea videos does a great job in breaking this down. Scott Miller www.gaptogapsoftball.com