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  1. We had a bad kid..... My coaches and I did everything we could to help him.....extra practice, lots of encouragment...equal playing time, etc. Find one of the best things you can do is praise the child NEXT to the disipline problem. "Great job following directions", "Good job in staying down on that grounder", etc. It makes the other kids want to be the "good kid". After about a month, the child started to come around. By the end of the season, he was paying attention, participating in all drills, becoming a decent ball player, etc. We just decided early on, that it was most improtant to reach THAT kid....that the "good kids" would still be good. At the end of the season the Mom told us that baseball that year was the best thing that "little Johnny" had ever done. We came to find out that "Johnny's" dad had been killed in Iraq -but none of us knew, and she did not tell us because they don't like charity or pity. Just the way we stayed positive with him was exactly what he needed (we got lucky). Bottom line - that was my best coaching expierience in over 5 years and a dozen differnent teams and sports....still bump into "Johnny" around town every once in a while....and he still calls me Coach. Guess that's why we "put up" with the bad kids......