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  1. He is all right. They have started to run more but still the coaching is very poor. It is just frustrating from a parents view because this is the second year in a row they have put in an offense and then had to change it completely 6 weeks after the start of practice. My son plays a lot of sports and for the first time I think he goes into a game not thinking they can win, but thinking "I hope we don't get beat to bad". I will be interested to see if he wants to play next year after two really bad seasons. He is a running back and LB and plays the whole game, but I think the losing is really starting to get to him.
  2. Based on what you just posted with that much talent your team could run any offense it wants. Plus it reads like your offense is balanced between pass and run. This team passes the ball 2/3 of the time, and has put in running plays that are based on nothing but deception. I don't think there is one running play that by design we have as many blaockers at the point of attack as their are defenders.
  3. UPDATE on my orginial post. Coach installed a Spread passing offense. COMPLETE DISASTER. 2 games 2 completed passes. about 4 first downs total. I know everyone wants to be the next BILL WALSH, but it is not fair to the kids. DO NOT EVER TRY TO INSTALL A PASSING OFFENSE AT THIS AGE.
  4. Obviously I am answering this way late but maybe it will help someone next year. I find that most kids that age that are frozen in the box are thinking about not striking out, or even more often worried about getting hit by a pitch. You mentioned in practice that he is fine, is that with kids pitching to him? If he is doing fine against kids pitching to him in practice then it is more then liking him thinking about a negative outcome. Let him know it is OK to strike out it is part of the game. My kid was so worried about striking out he would just put the bat on the ball but would not swing hard. Finally one of the parents of one of the better hitting kids come up to him and told him to swing hard and don't worry about striking out.What a world of difference that made overnight.
  5. At the 9-10 age group I have never seen it run successfully, but the team my son plays on is talking about running it. I would think it may be successful if you have a very fast qb ( we don't) so I see a lot more risk the rewards, but I have never really looked at it closely.
  6. Just an update. Team did not win a game the whole year and only scored 1 touchdown. Guess I am going to have to get involved.
  7. Don't know how that could possibly be a rule. In our league it is a free ball if the receiving team touches it first regardless of how far the ball travels. If the receiving team hit the ball first how could you tell if the ball was going to go 10 yards?
  8. Born, although a lazy gifted athlete can get outplayed by someone not as gifted that works hard. Though things will change as they get older, I have a 10 year old and a 8 year old. My 8 year old is by far a better athlete, but my 10 year old at the age of 8 was a better player because he is extremely focused and works hard. Over time if my 8 year old realizes the benefit of working hard, he could work half as hard as my 10 year old and still would be a better player.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I am in VA. The kids had their first game Sat. and didn't score a point. I am a little more upbeat since the kids at least got to play a game and that I think at least helps them confidence wise(I spoke with a couple of the kids and they seem to remember at least some of the good things they did). I am very interested to see what types of adjustments the coaches are going to make. There were a couple of things that stood out to me as needing work.1. The flanker/wingback and TE had a terrible time blocking the outside linebacker( or even touching him) on sweeps, and our QB was just floating the ball on pitches and not hitting the tailback in stride. I think I understand the game fairly well as I played it for 9 years. The suggestion of watching football is fine, but I will disagree with thinking that Madden games will help. I don't think there are a lot of plays a 8/9 year old team would run that are on Madden.
  10. They were 3-5. They are in an 8 team division. 4 teams make the playoffs, the team my son is on has made the playoff's once in 7 years. Since I am new to this I want to get my facts straight. To me the combination of kids not wanting to play and a team that should have a 50/50 shot of making the playoffs each year and only making it once in 7 years is a sign that something is wrong. But maybe I am missing something? Obviously we are in the middle of the season so I am trying to figure out long term what should be done, if anything?
  11. Charlie, Fit & Freeze - I couldn't remember the name of the concept, thanks. I would love to coach but one of the things I hate about youth sports is nepotism. My son is one of the better players and the last thing I want is any appearance of special treatment. The very first practice I asked the coach what kind of expereince he had coming back and he said he had 4 players that played tackle last year ( two of the four being coach's son's), out of a team that had close to 30 players on it. I was surprised, obviously there must have been a lot of 8 year old that decided not to come back this year. Watching practice now I think I have a better understanding of why. I have never seen so many kids crying during a practice and basically having a terrible time. I know football is very different than other sports but what is the average drop rate for kids not returning for a second year of tackle football? Thanks
  12. THanks for you reply Tmack. When I was writing about going slow motion it was in reference to form tackling and blocking drills, not actually hitting-which obviously would be a full speed. If a kid can not properly use his shoulder pads and wrap a tackler in slow motion properly, he sure can't be expected to do it properly at full speed (where kids can get hurt when they instinctively drop their heads).
  13. My 8 year old son is playing on a team with approximately 30 players, only 5 have ever played tackle football before. The coach has coached the same age group for 7 plus year. We are just starting our third week of practice. To put it frankly the kids have been taught very little about fundmentals. In the two weeks of practice they have had 15 minutes at most of slow motion form/fitting tackles . Everything else has been at full speed. No blocking technques have been done at half-speed(always full speed). Am I wrong in thinking that the coach's need to teach first at slow motion, then pick up the speed a little? If so should I approach the coach concerning it or am I stepping over the line?
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