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  1. My son is 6 and playing tackle ball again this season. I was involved last year but this season I was asked to be the head coach. I'm very football savvy but have basically zero experience as a coach. We've retained a few kids from the Summer Flag league that he was in, so I'm familiar with a few of the players. We ran a split back formation there, he happened to play QB, though he'll probably play FB/HB and LB now. Thinking of going to a Wing T offense for tackle but I'm unfamiliar with that. Looks like we will have plenty of athletes though we are lacking size for lineman. I'm more curious about play calling in the sense of how much to expect them to remember/what to name the plays themselves. Love to hear feedback and appreciate any info you guys want to throw at me. I'm in the middle for what it's worth. That's the first place trophy...😎😎