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  1. Thanks to John, Orange and every who posts here. I still check in about 2-3 times/week for ideas. We have our first game on Saturday. I coach 1st and 2nd graders. Of the 12 on my team, only 3 have played football before. I'm scheduling 2 practices this week, because we're not ready yet. We've only had 2 so far. Anyways, since I haven't coached football yet, I have to go with a story from my daughter's soccer team. I had never coached or played soccer before. At U-6, we're not supposed to keep score. If we had kept score, we would have lost our first game 25-0. We played the best team around, just bad luck to draw them in the first game. About a year later, we played them again, and handled them. The girls were a little shell-shock in that first game, but they kept their heads up and kept learning.
  2. Thanks everybody. I think I might try to see if they can handle a shuffle pass, but downfield routes are out.
  3. Could you e-mail me your plays? I'm a new coach with 6/7 year-olds. Thanks! cougs_4ever@yahoo.com I've been reading these boards for a week, and wanted to thank everyone here who is helping other coaches.
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