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  1. Coach_hiram

    Tournament Style Playbook Help

    I'm in the same boat. Spread out offense. Quick slants, ins and outs. Gap killers. It's all in execution of plays. Timing and repetition. It's funny I can preach it but much harder to make reality. It's something I think I will improve when I can keep these kids together for some length of time.
  2. Coach_hiram

    I9 U12 Best Offensive Formation

    New to conversation/ coaching. When you ask them to sit in the holes in the zone, are they running a route and are you giving them that play? I got a qb who should be my wr or rb for his speed. Good qb, always on the move. Need to settle him down and throw without scrambling as much. Quicker routes and simpler reads I think. Great topic. Please reply.