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    8 Yr Old Not Watching The Ball

    Well we had a double header yesterday. My son had 4 at bats between the 2 games and had 3 strikeouts and1 walk but I feel progress was made. During those at bats he had several foul balls and foul tips so I know he's at least on the ball a little better.
  2. kimbercarry

    Hitting A Basketball Off A Tee

    maybe use a soccer ball instead. smaller but still would serve the purpose. would also be less likely to cause the wrist soreness
  3. kimbercarry

    Loisville Slugger Tpx H2 Youth

    I saw this on the web-site today and was wondering if anyone had come across it yet. My 8yr old has been using an Omaha for the last 2 years and it has worked well. We bought an Easton Stealth Big Barrel the beggining of July since his league next year allows the Big Barrel but since he's been using it I'm starting to think we should go back to the 2 1/4 size and a lesser wait. He has more bat speed and control with the 2 1/4 than the Big Barrel. Any thoughts out there on this or information on the TPX?
  4. kimbercarry

    8 Yr Old Not Watching The Ball

    I am new to this forum. I come to it for help with my 8yr old son. He is striking out a good bit and it looks to me like he just isn't watching the ball. We have a Jugs soft toss maching in our basement we use constantly and when we do the drills he is right on, crushing the ball. When he gets out to face a live pitcher it seems to go out the window. He appears to see the ball out of the hand and then right as he starts his swing he loses eye contact and ends up looking out or up during the swing, mising the ball completely. When he does manage to stay back and keep his head down on the ball he hammers it. He has a beautifull and powerfull swing for his age but at this point it is making no difference since contact is limited. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.