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  1. Ah... this will be a problem. In our leauge all passes have to be across the LOS. I still think it can work if we sell the deep pass. any other advise?
  2. Thanks for sharing and explaining....I wasnt sure what a swing pass was. I will plan to use this at our next games on 5/17. Thanks
  3. Thanks for sharing Orange! I am going to try some of these this weekend, it will be our last game. Lucky for me we have a winter leauge that will start in Jan and most of the kids will be with me again. This was my 1st time coaching - 12-14 yr old kids, 5-on-5. We have all learned a lot and have had a great time. Cheers
  4. Last year a team ran a number of off the wall plays against my sons team, unfortunately I only remember a few. 1. The coach asks the ref to spot the ball on the right side hash mark (close to the right side line). The formation was trips right (5-on-5) the QB puts a man in motion (biggest kid on team) and he sprints at full speed to the left sideline the QB snaps the ball with this kid in full stride going up the left sideline and makes a quick pass. Result was an easy TD. This guy was at full speed and the defense got smoked. This was similar to the plays they run in arena football. 2. The team lines up in a slip- t or whatever. The ball is slapped and everybody runs back into a tight huddle (who has the ball….??) and then everyone flares out of the huddle all looking like they have the ball. The defense was stunned. It was another touch down for them. 3. The last one was that the ball was handed off to the RB and he pretends to make a big deal about the ball to the ref. trying to show him something (pointing to the ball, etc….). Our guys thought there was a problem and stop pursuit. As the kid got closer to the ref he took off running down field… and another TD. I thought that these were cheap plays, but have to give them an A+ for creativity. I personally would not run them with the exception of #1 which I will try next weekend. ) Cheers
  5. Hi Coach, Great write up! I have a question about the wristbands you used. Did you buy the wristbands designed to hold plays (2.5" x 4" paper) about $10 each, or did you make something up yourself for less cost?? Thanks
  6. We had our first two games to (won 1 / lost 1). We ranthis play an number of times and got good yardage every time. Thanks.
  7. Great information and I appreciate everyone’s advice. I think I will start out with a play diagram naming the formation and routes and work towards evolving to the more advance play calling as the kids show their ability and desire. It also makes sense to not play the kids all on O or D the whole game. I think I will do the two squad set up and rotate every qtr or half between O and D. This is a great forum and it is great to be able to bounce ideas off you guys. Cheers
  8. Very nice....thanks for sharing. What are your top 3 play? Cheers- Alan
  9. Thank you, I appreciate your advice very much. I am not sure if I can go into the huddle or not. I no that the younger age group (9 to 12) the coach was on the field to call the plays. I have some nicely drawn up plays that I found posted on one of the playflagfootball sites. Thanks for the reminder to keep it simple! I was thinking about having the two groups of five kids (I have 11 kids on a 5-on-5 league- 7yrd rush, no blocking,) with one group playing offense and one playing defense for the first game. And eventually have each group of five be able to play both offense and defense, and I would switch each group every qtr or half between playing offense or defense. What do you think of that?
  10. Hello I’m a first year coach of the 5-on-5 twelve to fourteen year old team. I’ve seen some great playbooks on the side and have found some other sources as well. We have first practice Sunday that we will have a first game this Sunday. I think I did a pretty good job and tried to come up with a good first practice plan. Now I have to prepare for the first game. I’m wondering about the play calling. For the twelve to fourteen year old group is it appropriate for them to call the plays from the studied playbook? I’ll still a little confused about the names of the plays. Some information that I have read states that the playout name starts with the formation and then from left to right based on the positions the routes that the receivers will run, is this correct? As an example split-t, curl, slant, post, halfback arrow. I’ve read that the halfback route is always called at the end of the play sequence. Any help you can provide or insight would be greatly appreciated. One other question as each play supposes to identify and the primary receiver, this would be on pass plays. I had not assume this until I saw some of the playbooks on the site I had thought that the receivers would know the routes to run and the quarterback would look for some of the opera and I’m not have a passing lane that he can throw to now I’m saying no wonder whether each player should have a primarily and in that maybe secondary receiver any insight on this? Thanks -Alan
  11. Thank you! This will be helpful as I am a first year coach for a 5-on-5 12 14 yr old team and our first game is Sunday. Cheers
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