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  1. Here are the plays we are using in are wristbands this year for 6 on 6 flag football. I did not draw these up but got them from this site and they where for 5 vs 5. I just modified them by adding one more player and route, they have been working great and we are 5-1 right now because of these plays. I think these where Coach Robs plays, just be creative on the play calling and it works great. We usually start out with some running and drag plays then hit one or two long pass plays. Wristband week 2.2.pdf
  2. I would suggest not doing that, because usually if you do they will run a player to the open side. I see teams get burned often doing that, we are 6 on 6 and play 3 up front, 1 rusher back 7 yards, and 2 safeties and every one stays in there zone regardless of the offensive formation.
  3. The defender covering the man in motion follows him in motion all the way to where the center is at. Once he takes the snap that defender is stuck standing there unaware of where he should go. What he should do is immediately switch to the kid in shotgun and cover him on his wheel route. But I have found that the kids are unable to process it and make the switch even when we ran it at them the same exact way a couple of times, and once with a twist. Hey Orange could you draw it up I am one of those that only looks at the pictures
  4. Coach Rob thank you for your playbook it has worked wonderfully in each game. We are now 4-0 now and rolling, we have been playing exclusively in the shotgun because of the rush and trying to buy some time for our QB. I am having a hard time keeping my QB looking for the player dragging he has a tendency to look for the deep route. But Coach Rob your playbook is one of the big differences in our team this year, I have had parents and refs in every game tell me that the play calling is great and I feel it's more the plas you have posted than my play calling. I think I attached them to one of my post but I will post them hear for you guys to look at and if you see something I could do different let me know. Wristband week 2.2.pdf
  5. We go in motion on set too, seems easy for them to remember after a few practices.
  6. Our QB can all so run and it does not matter if someone 7 yards back or not, our QB is live every snap. But no one rusher can run the ball 2 consecutive plays which keeps teams with super stars running every play. I usually rush 1 man but we play 6 on 6 so I have 3 up on the LOS, 1 rusher 7 yards back, and two safeties. I sometimes line up my rusher and the nose guard 7 yards back and let the nose guard bull rush to the LOS then stay to defend the run and short stuff. Seeing two guys rushing at the QB tends to rattle them. I did not think of this until now but I could bull rush the nose gaurd before the snap and as long as he does not cross the LOS. I will try this saturday and see what happens. ( I might need to tell the ref what we will do in advance )
  7. Well last Saturday was our first game and it was a close one but we pulled it out thanks to Coach Robs playbook. I had to modify it for 6 men flag, basically add a player and their route. We won our first game and I believe we have a special team, my question is if we have 4 downs to get across the midfield line and 4 after that to score would it be better to run more running plays and use the quick short yardage stuff closer to midfield. The reason I ask is most coaches me included seem really quick to try the deep pass and 6 on 6 5th & 6th graders the long pass is not a high percentage play. I caught my self panicking the first part of the game and trying get get big yards quick, the second half I backed off and used our speed running the ball until we got close to midfield then going to drag plays and it seemed to work well. The short center 7 slot drags seem to be high percentage plays. Do you veteran coaches think this way, am I on the right track. Oh yea Shotgun or under-center?
  8. Well I am back again this year and things are looking up with the players I got in the draft. Last year I did not find this site till we was half way through the season. I downloaded Coach Robs plays and had to change every thing to a 6 man team and think I did a good job, we will see come Aug. 22. Last year I han NO QB but this year I ended up getting 4 really good QBs so Ihave tons of options with plays. I will keep posting and let you know how this year and the plays are doing. P.S. Last year with NO real QB we did not win one game.
  9. This past season was my first time to coach flag football, i was called a week after we found out most all the teams had already started practicing. I got the call that my sons team had no coach so I new that I had to do it or who knows what would of happened. Well any way there just happened to be some friends from church on our team and he said he would co-coach with me and at the time it seemed like a good idea but I did not feel good about his philosophy, since I was new I thought what the heck it would be nice to share the responsibility. I was so wrong, I did all the calling, communications with the league director, parents and ect..... He just showed up at game time and did what he wanted. Through out the year I did manage to get the plays I wanted to run in for maybe two games and we really showed alot of improvement but it went quickly back to him scribbling plays on a napkin every saturday or in the huddle, the kids never really knew what or where they would be from one day to the next. The plays I wanted to run and managed to get in a little where from here {Coach Orange} and they really started working great mis direction for that age. So thanks Orange Ill let you know how your plays work for us next year, i guess i have the coaching bug now. I just had the same thing happen to me with my 9 yr. old girl in basketball ( one coach short:) ) so now I have to get to work and find some info.
  10. Wow I have not been here much lately but this topic hit a nerve. I just finished up our season and we ended it 0-9 { OUCH }, the problem for me was that I got asked to coach because lack of coaches, I have never coached so I asked one of the other dads that i go to church with to be co-coach. This was a terrible idea and learned big time that there only needs to be one person calling the shots, now I see no problem with getting assistants and taking ideas to help but ONE person needs to be in total control. My co-coach took it upon his self to run the offense and use his son as QB, I tried through out the year to get some control but it never really happened. We never ran the same plays game to game, every week he had drawn up new plays while he was at work and thats what we ran on that Saturday. Believe me i tried to step in but I didn't want to ruin our friendship or our wifes friendship. Having someone help is fine if not great but let every one know up front that you are the one calling the shots good or bad. With all that being said I am now excited about coaching next year to see if I can get it done when I'm calling all the shots. My plans are to run the offense totally my self but delegate the defense to some one but still be in total control, but I will probably end up taking the defense on my self also.
  11. Well we got hammered today 28-0 and I walked away happy with the defense, well that sounds crazy but the thing was our offense threw 4 picks and the defense was backed up against the goal line. With that being said when the offense didnt throw a pick and we just turned it over to them on downs they started on there 5 yrd line we didn't give up a score. I know I am streching to find a bright spot but I have to take something good out of the game today. We also changed QBs and the 2nd QB looked really good and completed all passes. On defense we played 3-2-1 but if we face a good thrower I think I'll try a 3-1-2, I did have a few kids begging to go back to man-to-man but they where just frustrated. 1st half we got picked 3 times and they scored 3 times it was rough.
  12. Thanks guys great info, 2nd game tomorrow and yesterday at practice we went over it and it was obvious zone is the way to go if I get them set up right. The one thing I noticed they seemed to be more relaxed and they are paying more attention to the ball movement like you guys have said. Oh yea our boys are 10 & 11, most teams playing zone are playing 4 up front, one 7 yards. back as a rusher, a one safety. I think your idea Orange is a better way to go about it except it worries me giving up short yardage. I might play 1 safety tomorrow because thats what we worked on yesterday. Practicing zone yesterday the defense definitely made plays on the ball. Thanks Coaches!
  13. Hey guys I am new to flag football coaching and this forum, got a question about defense. Just because of ease the first game I went with man to man and it worked out OK but was not satisfied. We play 6 on 6 and the QB can run but no one player can run consecutive plays, on defense you can rush when the ball is snapped but the player(s) have to start 7 yards back from the line of scrimmage. When we line up this is how it looks but a few times there offense went to a trips and my kids where "like deer in the head lights".( check attachment) I was thinking of trying zone but we only have 1 hour a week to practice, and its easier to tell the boys to get a man. The main problem I think is the defense letting the receiver get behind him, and I am going to work on that tonight. So my question is man-to-man or zone or a mixture, I sorta have my safety playing zone. So far the offense seems to be clicking, we are running out of the "I" formation right now.I am trying to keep it simple but would like to win a few. We where winning the first game until a interception and the defense gave up a last second score . I am thinking i might put 3 on the line 2 at the rusher position and 1 at safety, but only rush 1 and let the other act like a rush but stop at the line and pick up a man. We do have no rushing 5 yards in front of the GL and 5 yards on both sides of midfield. Thanks in advance for any help. Tuesday__September_09__2008.pdf
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