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  1. My Mike LB calls out the strong side and motion direction so D-line knows what they are doing and what the other LBers should be doing during that play, we run a 3-3-5/6-2/5-3 and a 4-4. 5th and 6th grade team but they all call out pass pass pass/ball ball ball but yes its usually me screaming reverse. In the case of zone coverage my safety will call out tight or lose depending on his position and a read of the offensive set(but i will most likely tell(yell) the S and cover guys.)
  2. It depends on the type of athletes you have on the field, my 6-2 starts off as a 5-3 we shift our D-line strong 1 gap(Mike calls the shifts and motions)(D-Line slants strong side and if we see motion Lou and Rob linebackers slant motion side. We are bringing 8 unless TE releases) and bring the weak side LB up as a 2nd DE. Only thing that burns us is a quick I mean quick pop pass for a gain of 4 to 8 yards. But we are working on that read with our backers with a delay an read. Like coach G of BT said dont run outside thats what we are waiting for since you offensive guys love your speed game. Good Luck
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