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    Coaching Your Own Son!

    I do ride my son harder than the other kids, and the other 2 coaches are harder on there kids also. I do coach my son on both side of the ball. There are only 3 of us, our head coach and OC and our DC and and do both Offense and Defense and special teams. Over all My son like me coaching and is happy with the postion(s) that he play's. He really wanted to play RB, but we do have 2 good and one stud and RB. The issue has been more with my wife not understanding things, even when i try to explain things to her!! She has been better the last 2 weeks. Our son getting tons of playing time, we only have 15 kids on the team. He plays both ways and special teams. She just wants him to have the chance to "run" the ball! We have tried to throw the ball to him the last 3 games but all fell incomplete, not his fault at all. Also what make it hard is that he is my step-son. Thanks again for your advise and insight! Mike
  2. Wildcatcoach

    Wrapping Up

    What we do is work on tackling everyday at practice. It's part of our fundamentals, we do both form drills and live drills. Not so much the form drills now that the season has started, but we can always go back to them if we need to. Our main thing is that we work on tackling everyday!
  3. Congrats on your decision to coach, I think that you will enjoy it tremendously. You will find that the internet has so much info that you can use, starting with this site. I would suggest read, read and read some more, and ask questions no matter how dump you think the question(s) maybe. I learn something new everyday, weather it’s from reading or asking other coaches questions. Feel free email me any questions. Michaels22@cox.net
  4. Wildcatcoach

    Offensive Blocking Scheme Questions

    Hey Coach, Here is what we do! We don't use SAB at all or Zone blocking. Our blocking rule is OIL(on, inside, lineback) it works very well for us, so there are no real blocking calls that go along with the play call (ex. Strong Rt 36 power). OIL rule works no matter the formation or play call. We do pull our G's on our toss from time to time. We have one play where we use wedge blocking and that is on our FB dive, the play call is bone(wishbone) 42 wedge. Our bread and butter play would be our Toss and off tackle. The kids pick it up very well and they are 9-11 year olds. Hope that helps coach!!
  5. Wildcatcoach

    Coaching Your Own Son!

    Thanks Coaches for you insight and advise.
  6. How many of you guys are coaching your own son? How well does he take your instruction has a coach? How does your wife feel about it and does she expect him to have a better position because you’re one of the coaches? The reason I ask is that my wife thinks that he should be getting the ball more/playing a better position on offense(Playing RB), my son plays TE and FS. We run kind of a pro style offense( I formation FB offset w/wingback, Wishbone, Double wing) We have just add some pass plays to the TE’s this week. Thanks Mike