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    Go to the school's principal and see if it is ok to go class to class making presentations. See if you can get one of your towns more popular high school football players and the Head High School coach to help.(This is the future of his program) Good luck!
  2. Thanks for all your help guys. It is much appreciated. I went with a double wing. The 34 power is our most consistant play, but 38 sweep and a qb bootleg have provided the big plays. We had 2 practices and a scrimmage before our first game. The boys were not used to getting hit on the first couple of series, but settled down after that. We tied in our first game 12 -12. We won our game last night 8 - 0, even though we played better in the tie. Our QB seemed to forget his left and right which led to the ball hitting the ground. My 3 back has turned out to be one of the top two backs in the league. (A very pleasant surprise)
  3. This is my first time coaching. I have 15 kids on my team(7- 4th, 7- 3rd, & 1- 2nd grade). We will have only 3 practices(in one week) before our first game. Looks like we will have 5-6 large boys(mostly 4th graders). We will probably have two options at QB, one 4th grader with a great arm but slow to average speed and a 3rd grader with an above average arm and good speed. Our backs will be on the small inexperienced side. I would be greatful for any assistance. What would be the easiest offense to install to fit the circumstances and kids? Thanks