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  1. 5 On 5 Defense Playbook

    Here is a document with the defense's I've used this fall so far. They are all based on the Zone concept (as opposed to man to man). This really helps when you have younger kids (our team is 8-9 yr olds), and kids who may not be as as athletic or fast as other teams. We mostly use the 2-1-2 and the 2-3 defenses, but on pass happy teams we have also used the 5 back zone with 1 or 2 blitzers. Only used the 3-2 a couple of times this season to try it out. Our defense has been pretty good this year. We have given up a few points, but always in the first half. We have played 4 of our 6 games and so far no one has scored on us in the second half. I truly believe that defense is about knowing your assignments, staying at home until the proper time, and making good adjustments to what the offense is doing. Enjoy!! Zone_Defense_Diagrams.ppt
  2. Hey guys, I just want to tell all the regulars here that this is the BEST site I have found in my search online for flag football info. I have already read a ton of info that has helped me learn things and rethink some things I was planning. Anyway, I'm assistant coach for an NFL youth league 5 on 5 8-9yr old kids this fall, and I need some help with defensive zone scheme diagrams. What I'm looking for is a diagram showing which part of the field each kid is reponsible for covering in each zone scheme, say 2-1-2 or 3-2 or 2-3. I've read alot of what Coach Rob, Orange and Vegas had to say related to defense and it really helped me in my search for the best defense for these kids. Basically I want to run out of these 3 defenses exclusively and change them up depending on whther the offense we are facing deiceds to primarily run, pass, or run reverse type trick plays. I am planning on blitzing most, but not all of the time. I am expectin we will run the 3-2 with the guys back and 2 on the line most of the time, and rush the middle guy as a linebacker. Depending on how the offense responds, we can go to a 2-1-2 easily with the middle LB running halfway up (fake blitz) and then holding to watch the QB. This seemed to work well in our first game this last weekend which we won 18-6. I've also thought about doing some stunts where we line up in the 3-2, but send 2 rushers from the secondary and have the guys on the line back up to cover their spots, or send on eoof the safety guys in to rush and have the middle LB move over to cover his spot. I want to keep the offense confused and off balance as much as possible (doesn't every defense). Have any of you guys tried these type of stunts, and what do you think of the strategy I have outlayed so far. Thanks for all your help and for putting together such a helpful site for other coaches.
  3. Injury

    My son broke his finger trying to catch the ball when he was about 8 or 9. He also broke his patella coming down from a jump ball on turf when he was about 11. We had another kid on our team slam his knee into someone elses and had to stop football for a while to let it heal (wasn't broken just really badly bruised). Sounds like you just had a very unfortunate event happen. I've coached 16+ seasons of football and I can only remember a handful of instances where there were serious injuries.
  4. Hi everyone, Been away for a while, but I'm coaching again. This time I'm coaching a 7th grade girls team for a one day Powder puff tournament. I need some advice about getting plays in from the sidelines. I was thinking about having 12 plays on a wrist coach and just having my QB's wear the wristcoach. I would send in the plays with a player for each play, and the QB would call it out in the huddle and players could look at her wrist coach to know their assignments. I don't want to buy wrist coaches for all of the girls if I don't have to. Any suggestions or other ideas?
  5. Flagrant Fouls Video

    I'm new to the basketball forum, but have been coaching my son in flag football for many years and he now plays basketball at his middle school as well, so this article caught my eye. I've never seen a team foul like this, and it seems pretty unbelievable that the guy fouling like this was not ejected from the game:
  6. Pre Game Speeches

    Hey everybody, We're playing winter flag football again this year, and are 3-0 so far. We've played some good teams, and it seems to have become our teams habit to come out and play cold for the first few possessions (offense and defense), before picking it up and blowing out the opponents in the second half. I've started to rethink my pregame warmup to try and get the kids fired up and ready to play as soon as the game starts today. I was looking online for some pre game speeches to motivate the kids and get them fired up, and stumbled upon a site I thought I'd share: http://pregamespeeches.com/speeches.aspx I'm not typically one for long winded speeches, but today I'm going to take some bits and pieces from the stuff I've found and patch together a bit more of a story for the kids to think about before going out on the field. We'll see how it turns out...
  7. I9 U12 Best Offensive Formation

    I like the trips formations alot. In our league alot of teams run a 2-1-2 defense, so I like to run trips to either side and overload the middle guy. This is very effective, especially if they rush or put the guy up close to the line. I like to run plays that set up each other. I'll run 2 sweep plays in a row or something, and then fake the sweep and throw it deep the 3rd time. I don't look for weaknesses as much as I should. I try to let the kids find the weaknesses if they can, but in close games I definitely help them out more by pointing stuff out to them.
  8. Pre Game Speeches

    I'm not usually one for long pregame speeches either, but I thought I'd give it a try. The kids seemed to respond, but we still started slow on offense, so it didn't have the full effect I was hoping for...
  9. 2-1-2 Or 2-3

    Hayes, Your league rules are unlike I've heard of before, but if you want to run zone, I would employ the 2-3 as Teedub suggested and the 1-1-3 that Rob suggested. At this age level most teams will be able to throw deep without a problem, so I'd play the 1-1-3 against the pass happy teams, and the 2-3 against teams that tend to run it more. I would make signals for the defense from the sideline for each defense, and call each one based on what you see in the offense. Anytime the offense put a RB in the backfield I would switch to the 2-3. It will also be a better defense against fast sweep plays. If you have great speed and talent though, I would experiment with M2M also though.
  10. Pre Game Speeches

    BTW, on that website I just looked at the free stuff...Not recommending anyone buy anything.
  11. A Little Help On D...

    That's a pretty broad subject there Hayes. To start with, take a look at the flag football defense forum here: http://www.y-coach.com/forums/index.php?showforum=30 There is lots of good info there.
  12. Rules Interpretation

    I think you're looking for a technical "loophole" to make your argument instead of looking at it from an objective point of view. I don't think anyone who is being realistic would consider a lineman a normal "ball carrying posiition". I think that most would agree that the intent of the rule is to keep smaller kids from getting bulldozed by larger kids playing the skill positions (i.e. running back, reciever, QB). The rules above clearly state that green stripes can play any interior O-line or D-line position, so everything but Tackle or End. So that clearly spells out where they can and can not play. If you come across green stripes playing Tackle I would say you have a clear rule violation and should bring it to the refs attention. It looks like red stripes can play any O-line or D-line position. I understand why you would like the league to allow everyone opportunities to get the ball, I definitely get that. Unfortunately in your league, it looks like your big guys are gonna have to move up to the next weight class if they want to do get ball touches.
  13. Rules Interpretation

    Hey there K, I think it comes down to what the league defines as a "ball carrying position". My initial interpretation would be that any back or potential receiver (including TE) would be a ball carrying position. Since there is not a clear definition for "ball carrying position" in the rules you quoted above, here is my logic for coming to this conclusion: I would consider any yardage gained whether by running or catching, an advancement of the ball, and since only a receiver, running back or quarterback can advance the ball, I would say their meaning by ballcarrying position is anyone who would normally touch the ball during the game. The point you made about the MLB intercepting does not apply, because he did not "advance the ball". He intercepted it on defense and took a knee, which is legal. Also be aware that just because the officials don't call things in previous games doesn't mean they were legal. Officals often miss things or fail to call out every rule violation. I'm not saying I agree with these rules, but this is the best interpretation I can make of the situation.
  14. Extreme Flag Football

    My son has played NFL flag football for over 10 seasons now. Now that he is getting older (5th/6th grade level), we wanted to find a new challenge that was more physical than regular flag football, but with less risk of injury than regular pop warner tackle football. Luckily for us, we found the perfect league being started here in the central texas area that combines the perfect elements of both leagues into one. It is called "Extreme Flag Football", and allows the kids to wear helmets and shoulder pads. The kids can wrap up the ball carrier or pull their flags, but cannot tackle or take the ball carrier to the ground. It is an 8 on 8 league that does allow hands on blocking. We have played 3 seasons in this league now and really enjoy the concept. We just completed our fall season in this league and went 10-0 and won the championship. If you are interested, please check out their website at the link below: http://www.extremefl...ll.com/home.php I've included below a link to the highlights from our fall season. We are the Black team, The Dragons Enjoy!
  15. Extreme Flag Football

    Yup. Full tackle starting next fall.
  16. Extreme Flag Football

    Thanks Rob. No you can't rush from anywhere, but you can blitz. You can only have 3 defenders rushing the QB at a time, and they must be within 5 yards on either side of the ball, but you can drop a lineman back into coverage and blitz a linebacker, and run other stunts like that.
  17. Game Highlights On Youtube

    Whiskey, your vids are absolutely amazing. Not sure what your day job is but I'd bet you could have a second in the cinematography/editing world if you so choose. Your team looks great too. Their fakes and execution are killer!! We are playing in the Cedar Park 5th/6th grade winter league again this year. Looks like you play South Austin, but it'd be fun to catch one of your games if you guys ever play North...
  18. Having A Website For Your Team

    Hi Rob, Yah I did the same thing for a few seasons for our flag football teams. I chose to go with Weplay at the time, as it was the only one I could find that was free. Probably there are alot more options to do this now.
  19. Offensive Playbook For Review

    Hi there Mike. Looks pretty good so far. I see several plays where you have 3 RB's line up in the backfield, and from my experience (especially at the older age levels), this is a disadavantage, because the other RB's can't block, and it allows the defense to bunch up in the middle to stop your play. Also your runners have to go farther to get across the line of scrimmage so it takes longer for the play to develop. I always like to run several different plays, especially misdirection, out of the same formation. Good Luck!!
  20. In Need Of Some Good Passing Plays

    One of my favorites against a zone defense is trips wide right. Have the outside WR run a long go route. The middle WR runs a quick out, and the slot WR runs a quick slant over the middle. The center runs a drag to the left. If the defense rushes, the quick slant will hit every time. If they don't rush, put you best WR on the go route and let him burn the zone db on that side for a TD. If both zone db's on the right play the deep ball, then the quick out should be open.
  21. Last Second Victory!

    Love the statue of liberty play. If I was that other coach I would send the offsides kid in motion every play or line him up a few yards back. There's more than one way to skin a cat!!
  22. What Would You Do?

    My team will probably shrink down to 8 as two of the kids play basketball on Sunday's and their games will be in the afternoons when we play. Even if the league could sign up more players and we split my team up, I know the kids/parents going with the "other team" wouldn't be very happy. Especially if the coach didn't know what he was doing,etc. Actually I was thinking you would coach both teams Rob. That way your kids could still all practice together with you as their coach, but they would just play together as 2 seperate teams on game days. When they played each other you could have them call their own plays and just help out or something. I've seen coaches do similar in our league before.
  23. What Would You Do?

    How about asking the league to add a couple of players to your roster, and splitting your team in two? If the league can get enough players to form just one more team then you'd have 6, and it sure beats playing the same teams over and over. It would also give your older kids more competition playing each other than just pounding the younger kids each week. I really can't believe they made a league with such disparity. The difference just from 5th to 6th grade is pretty big, I can't imagine putting 5th graders up against 7th and 8th graders.,,
  24. Good Article

    That is a very good article. I too have been guilty of "overcoaching" my son during past seasons. It reached a point 2 seasons ago where playing sports started to be more of a "job" for him than fun as it was supposed to be. I did a couple of things to change my perspective. I joined an adult flag football league, and allowed my son to critique me after each practice and each game. It was fun for my son to be able to get some "revenge" for all the harsh criticism I had given over the past few seasons.I quit coaching his teams for a couple seasons. I decided to sit back and let others do the coaching for a while. This was very hard as I have always been very involved in his sports, but it really helped give him some breathing room to go out and work on things from other coaches persepctives.I decided we were way too serious about sports. I decided that sports should be fun, and something he wants to do because it's fun for him. Not something I need to push him too hard to do.I am back assistant coaching this season for the first time in 2 seasons, and it has been a much better experience for both of us.
  25. 7 On 7 Playbook

    Nice set of plays. I like how you have several plays that set up each other. I always like conditioning the defense to one thing and then run some misdirection to keep them off guard. Curious what the blue no run zones are?