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    I put together this play-book for my 6-7 year old Flag Football team. We are a no rush, fwd pass across the line of scrimmage only league. Obviously at this age we have a lot of kids that may be experiencing football for the first time but also organized team sports in general so I renamed the positions to keep it exciting for them (see below). All players are eligible receivers. We designed the plays to keep it easy to remember. Some have motion but most are basic short passes. I have found them to be more effective if you spread the kids out about 4 feet from each other as it draws the defense away from the receiver much better. The kids know the positions as parts of a chicken (with some exception). The Chicken hatches the egg to the QB and we have a "farmer" hanging out on the side that goes in motion. The drumsticks are right beside the chicken and the Wings are obviously spread out. They love it and remember the positions very well. I can call a play by name and they know exactly who is going to get the pass. 1 - QB 2 - Wing 2 3 - Drumstick 3 4 - Chicken 5 - Drumstick 5 6 - Wing 6 7 - Farmer Let me know if you have questions or comments. Playbook_409.pdf