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  1. Football To Basketball

    I am the coach of a 2nd-3rd grade football team. These boys have only lost one game in two years, and that game can be chalked up to our QB having a broke arm. Anyway, the varsity coaches want to keep this group together and asked me to coach them in a 2nd-3rd grade travle basketball team. I love the boys to death and jumped at the chance to work with them after football season. The problem is, I know football well. Basketball is something I played to get out of weightlifting in high school. I know the sport, but I'm green when it comes to coaching. I have coached in a PTA league for two seasons, but this is going to be AAU with wins/loses and so on. I want to be prepared when we start tryouts and practice after Thanksgiving. I have looked at some of the drills listed on this site and most of them seem a bit advanced for 7-9 year olds. Any suggestions. The varsity coach is going to meet with me to draw out game plans and some simple defensive stratigies. But I want to be able to run my basketball practices as fluently as I do with my football practices. Preparation is the key, but I need some direction. Thanks in advanced.
  2. 44 Defense

    Are you required in your league to run the 44? If not, look at a 5-3-4 or 6-2-4 defense. Have your DE's go straight up field as deep as the deepest back. This will give you containment and allow your interior linemen to get into the backfield. This will also take some pressure off of your DB's
  3. The Future Of The Qb Position

    My son has been our starting QB since he was 7 and a back up at age 6. He can thow the ball down field pretty well to only be 67lbs. (9 years old). He also has some ankle breaking jukes. He hands the ball off and carries out his bootleg fakes very well. He is a student of the game. I have just let him develop his own style. I run a Wishbone offense and a Wing T. I have set up our playbook to take advantage of his ability to run and pass. I don't care if he ever goes pro or to a D1 school to play. I just want him to have fun and do what he loves. Now don't get me wrong, If he does got to the upper levels, I'll be tickled. But for now, I'm just letting his instincts play the primary role in his developement.
  4. Offensive Help

    I coach a 7-8 year old team. We have used the Wishbone the last two seasons and have went 13-1 (the loss coming after our QB broke his arm last season). The offense is simple to teach and you can use dives, powers, bootlegs, misdirection, and passes from it. It's a very flexible offense with alot of possibilities.
  5. Defense Schemes Please Help

    Stay away from a 4-4 or any complicated defense. I am a big fan of the 5-3. I coach a 7-8 year old team and we used a 5-4 defense (no safety). The 50 defense works well if you have a kid that can blow the center up every play. You can also use a small, quick player at the nose guard position as well. This works great. The 6-2 is pretty basic for new players as well. It's easier to teach the gap assignments on the 5-3 or the 6-2.
  6. 5-3 Defense

    I run a 5-4 for a 7-8 year old team. We choose not to use a safety. But even then, everytime we blitzed, we'd give a first down up. Our defense didn't allow a touchdown all year and only 10 first downs. We had a perfect balance of speed, talent, and size. This is the reason we went undefeated this season.