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  1. I'm no longer Bobcats Coach because I'm longer coaching @ that school. My Avatar is of a basketball is good but I can't seem to remove bobcats. Thanks everyone.
  2. online if ya wanna chat.

  3. Last January my 8th grade girls (i only had 6 on the team)played a game with 4.I had 1 girl gone for a soccer camp,and my tallest girl had an ankle sprain.The refs told me we could play the game if I put the girl with the sprain on the court for the tip-off,then call a time out and remove her,which I did.before the game i told my 4 girls(3 8th graders and 1 7th grader)to just go out and have fun,,and who knows,maybe someday 10 years from now you will be talking about how you won a game with only 4 players.I put them in a diamond zone defense under the basket and had them guard their zone.I gave them 1 thing to work on...to have less personal fouls than the quarter we were playing in.Well,guess what,,even with the other team pressing most of the 4th quarter we still won by 4 points..it was close at the end but we pulled it out.You would have thought we won the championship that day,thats how fired up the girls were.It has to be one of my favorite sports games to be involved in in the 15 plus years I have been coaching youth sports.During the season ending tournament we had one of the same refs from that day and I overheard him telling the other ref that day the story of how we won with only 4 girls,,the diamond defens,,,etc.etc.He was pretty animate explaing it to him.He laughed and asked me if I only planned on playing 4 at a time during the tournament.Have a great season and make sure the kids are having fun at whatever level you are coaching,that way they will want to go on at higher levels. That is a GREAT story coach!! Ya know I was going to try to install the motion offense this year with my 8th Grade team but with only 5-6 players not only have I failed at this as I don't know how to install it but my kids just don't move @ all. We make countless turnovers doing the same thing every time and I don't knowhow to break this vicious cycle. I already knew I didn't have good guard play going into this year but it's frustrating. We have absolutely no depth so was trying to keep it simple. We don't attack and are more passive and with the size Ive got I just don't get it. I'm trying to be proactive instead of reactive but am always searching for answers. Any advice would be gladly appreciated. Thanks Coach!!
  4. This past week saw an incredible performance out of my 8th Grade boys basketball team. Keep in mind now we only have 5 players so expectations aren't as high as say 7-8 players. Before half we had a player foul out therefore having to play with only 4 players for the 2nd half. We also had another player with 4 fouls going into the half but somehow did NOT foul out. Game over right? Not so fast. We actually had the game tied @ 21-21 going into the 4th quarter. We did run out of gas finally but the effort was the best under these circumstances I'd ever been a part of. There was no quit in these kids and as a result I think everyone learned what I preach,DONT GIVE UP. Good things happen when you don't give up no matter what the score. If you were wondering we lost 35-28. As a team we did grab 15 Defensive rebounds and 9 offensive so we do have more work to do. Didn't help only going 2-9 from the free throw line. My 1 guard did turn it over 11 times but being 1 of the smallest guys he also grabbed 6 rebounds. There are good and bad in all games. I want my players to build on this effort as the stakes have been raised as they know NOW what they can do to overcome. We didn't win a game @ all last year in my 1st year so looking to gain some ground and bring this program back up and keeping it there. It's simply not a case of winning at all costs but a learning curve o not making the same mistakes time and time again. My players don't mind getting to the 4th quarter as I'm usually hoarse is the voice by then and they tease me,Coach what was that. What a great group of kids I have!! Stay tuned. Would like to hear your stories of your games as well to be able to view and comment on. Bobcats Coach
  5. Coach it's too early I believe to really get into the man 2 man teaching. As basketball is a team sport the basic 2-3 zone would be appropriate so as to keep them from running around without purpose. The 5/6th is a developing stage. Fundamentals with the different ball handling drills,defensive slide drills will go along way in getting them ready for the next level. Keeping it simple and letting them learn while having fun is the most important as you'll gain there trust and keeping them interested in a sport they like. Good luck Coach!! Bobcat Coach
  6. So Im in my 4th year coaching youth basketball and 2nd with a different school. I'm more geared towards defenses as thats what I pride myself in. I've been doing my research in trying to install a motion offense but then a different approach entered my mind. What about the Read and React offense which is suppose to be a simple offense and can combat any defense. What exactly is the difference between the motion and the R&R offense? Cant wait to get the practice sessions going.
  7. Ya know over time you hear people say how they would coach and practice and this and that. Just so happens sometimes people come up with ideas that make ya say hmmmm. What are your routines heading into the basketball season. I can't coment on the conditioning program for my school or if they even have one. We do get 4 weeks with which to practice before our 1st game though. Some people have said don't even touch a basketball that 1st week. Strictly conditioning drills whether it be suicides,defensive slides,shuffles etc. Not sure about that idea but were having open gym starting this friday and that's another thing I don't believe this school has been doing over the years. I can't coach them while going through this but I can gauge the interest,talk to the players,shoot with them,kid around with them,etc. My routine which as of yet is not set in stone is simply 2 hours daily except on Wednesday as I have my bowling league and then they can shoot around after school until 5pm. I like to get everyone on the same page so I have a parents meeting along with the players so there's no misunderstanding on what were trying to do. So our 1st week consists of getting into a routine and keeping our players up to date about what were doing that day. Stretching,jogging,running,wall sits,suicides,ball drills,passing,dribbling,medicine balls to strengthen them up. 2nd week will consist of A lot of defensive oriented drills and talking of a mindset a good player should have while playing defense and why it's so important. 3rd week as we start putting it all together we throw in some layups,and all kind of ball drills including shooting,more passing,do's and dont's of running an offense,taking care of the ball,trap zones,how to send opposing players to the trap area's,showing our defenders how to make the opposing guard to dribble with his weak hand and taking them out of there comfort zone. Thursday/Friday of that 3rd week we'll be introducing the offenses,defenses,breaking press traps,etc. Everyday though we will be shooting 50 free throws instead of the 30 we did last year so time will have to be made for that. And the 4th week while keeping everyone sharp is a what we've learned and any Q&A's. Basic walk through 2 days before games,more free throws,etc I'm excited about getting the season started. Please let me know some of your routines and conversations with your kids.
  8. So open gym begins for us this next friday but still can't coach anyone as long as my guys are in the gym and shooting around. My question is this. How can I possibly compete with 5 or 6 players? 2 brothers have went to a rival school and another kid just moved out of state. I've heard you have to play to your strengths but good grief. I was planning on implementing the motion offense. Is this still the thing to do in order to slow the game down? I'm guessing yes. I've purchased a customized Goal board and 2 medicine ball of - 8lbs which I feel will help. I'll try to enclose the attachment of the board as I'm happy with the way it turned out. Let's talk some basketball everyone. What kind of team will you have this year and what are some of your expectations?
  9. You make some valid points. I was going to try some variation of Motion to get our guys into some sort of rhythm and along goes discipline as well. We will run a variation of methodical slow it down kind a ball because we need to limit the amount of times the other teams get the ball. We turned the ball over like 200 times which averages out to like almost 15 a game. Simply unacceptable this year as I have a couple 6 footers to incorporate into a high low game as well. They say defense wins games and will be put to the test this year. I told the guys I would be there 3-5 years after they couldn't get a coach to stay but 1 year at a time, and you have to build that trust. Now they need to buy into my system. Practices most definitely will be harder so games won't be and my guys have no idea just how hard. I would love to be able to run and gun but were a small school and on most night's play schools bigger than us. We ahve to out discipline them and out smart them,that's all. Thanks though.
  10. Didn't I email you the 1-3-1 spead offense?It is the easiest motion offense I have ever taught Jr high players.my 7th/8th grade girls picked this offense up and ran it very well.I thought you had a previous post about having 2 tall girls that I responded to.If you want me to email you the site let me know Yes please send me the link. Thanks!! http://www.coachesclipboard.net/131Offense.html We ran the motion 1 and 2...both work very well and keep players spaced and moving and also teaches the players all positions. Good luck Because it has a a lot of info I purchased the Coaches Clipboard deluxe cd's and have been looking at them ever since. Thanks.
  11. Didn't I email you the 1-3-1 spead offense?It is the easiest motion offense I have ever taught Jr high players.my 7th/8th grade girls picked this offense up and ran it very well.I thought you had a previous post about having 2 tall girls that I responded to.If you want me to email you the site let me know Yes please send me the link. Thanks!!
  12. I tried to do a copy and paste but the picture didn't come across just the details which I don't think does it justice. Tell ya what. Type in www.schoolpride.com and goal to the goals tab and you'll see what I'm talking about. Let me know what you think as well. Are you currently coaching and if so what sport? Interested in hearing more.
  13. Actually I think I may have found the one I want and it's considerably more. I'm trying to get a personalized dry erase board which will tie into the TEAM concept. I can only speculate but since I've been there we play as individuals so I was wanting to get a TEAM board with goals we'd like to achieve. Thanks for your idea but wanting to get a little fancier actually. What do you coach? Thanks again!!
  14. Where would I go to put up an achievement board in the locker room for our players to set goals then be able to reach them. I've tried doing a Google but not exactly sure what they'd call it. I've never been one to set goals personally but I can see where our program has been down too long and individual accomplishments would go a long way in getting there swagger back and the team as a whole I feel. It would be a dry erase board where I'm able to write what everyone's goals are and keep 'em updated. I want a board that we as a team can look at together and they can view it from time to time instead of me always saying verbally. I always say seeing is believing. Any help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks!!!
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