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  1. Greetings everyone, I want to thank you all for your input and feedback. We had our first "successful" practice and I am looking forward to the next. I made a few mistakes like, I had the center call down, set, hike instead of the QB. I believe that this can be fixed and I hope this does not discourage the parents from the team. Also, I learned late that the best way to end a drill and make everyone stop is to use the whistle. Although, I wanted to rotate players in order to give all a chance to play, I am starting to think that it will be better to play the kids in the same position all the time. Still, I will try another strategy that I hope will allow me to rotate players in position. I will be using colors for positions. Example, red will be the right RB, Blue the left RB and yellow the QB. Placed the colors in the grass and teach the kids that position and rotate players, so all kids can play using colors. Will see if this works and share back later the results Regards, Leo
  2. I'd also recommend checking out a local bookstore or online for "basic football concepts and rules" to help you get an overall understanding of the sport. Thanks... That is the first thing I did. I bought the book and rented an online DVD on youth football fundamentals
  3. Thank you all for your input, but like I said, I am very new at the sport - what is run end arounds and fake end arounds?
  4. Greetings everyone, I am a volunteer for the local Y and I will be coaching my first flag football team. It will be a 7 on 7 or 8 on 8 games for 4 & 5 year old kids. Can someone help me with some useful tips for this age group? My main goal is for the kids to have fun and allow them to play all positions; but I am new to american football and also to coaching this age group. My goal in the practice is to teach them to: 1. pull the flags 2. avoid getting their flags pulled (without guarding) 3. line up after huddle 4. Snap the ball (down, set hike) 5. possible three plays (left, center, right) Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated... you can email them to me also at leo@infralap.com Regards, Leo
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