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    First Year Coach Lookin 4 Sum Tips

    Follow a practice plan and keep them busy/moving. If you have set flow for practice (stretching, throwing drills, defense, offense, etc.) it will help the players to know what's expected. How many helpers do you have? It's great to divide them into small groups for drills. For practice suggestions check out the following: http://www.expert-baseball-tips.com/baseba...cticeplans.html http://www.expert-baseball-tips.com/baseba...ganization.html Also, keep your BP moving and use small groups (no need to stand around with only one player hitting). See this page for tips: http://www.expert-baseball-tips.com/battingpracticetips.html If you have specific questions use our contact form page. Have a great season and have fun. "CP"
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    T-ball Coach

    PS, you might consider using name tags to help with the kids names. I had a friend that coached a 5-6 year old team and said he used this to learn names during the first couple of practices. He said it helped the kids learn each other also. In our summer camps (with about 30-40 kids) its hard to remember names. I assign lines and start each day with some stretching and simple line catching drills. While we are stretching I'm usually calling out names, taking roll, and asking questions. It helps me associate the child's face and body language with thier name. Usually, by the end of the second day, I have most of the names down. It helps me when I call their names out verbally.
  3. expertbbtips

    T-ball Coach

    We have some drills that would be easy to adapt, several can be found at the following: http://www.expert-baseball-tips.com/baseba...ningdrills.html or http://www.expert-baseball-tips.com/baseballdrills.html Actually, with ground balls I would teach them to have their non-glove hand on top as they catch the ball. (see the youth player photo on our drills page). The soft hands are great tools to use. If you do not have access to soft hand tools, do the same drills with no gloves and soft balls or tennis balls. Use our contact page if you have specific questions. We'll be glad to help. CP
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    First Year Coach Lookin 4 Sum Tips

    We have free tips and drills for youth league parents and coaches. Check out our site at www.expert-baseball-tips.com Thanks, CP
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    Big Barrell Or Not?...composite Or Aluminum?

    Please check out our article on big barrell bats. http://www.expert-baseball-tips.com/bigbar...seballbats.html Mike
  6. Expert baseball tips from a championship coach's experience and perspective, offering creative insight to helping others learn the game of baseball. Check out our articles and practice tips. Signup for our Free monthly eTips Baseball Newsletter. View our articles on mental toughness, big barrell bats, building self confidence, and more. We also offer innovative eLessons that will save you time and money. Let us know how we can help. "CP" http://www.expert-baseball-tips.com/index.html
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    Coaching A Ball Next Year

    Coach Larry - Please check out our website at www.expert-baseball-tips.com. Free baseball tips from a championship coach's experience and perspective offering creative insight to helping others learn the game of baseball.