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    How Many Plays Is Enuff/too Much?

    Keep your "formations" to a minimum. Before they get old enough to really spread a field with deep throws, I would use just 1 or 2 formations. You can run dozens of plays out of 1 formation. I really like a 1 back or split back for the younger kids; you can run through the same motion - fake or give at each point and end with a QB pass or run. i.e. fake/give dive; fake/give counter; QB roll out pass/run. What works about the option plays; is that the kids learn to run their position and the defense never knows which one will get the ball, so they freeze. If you get 5 yards on the dive, keep running it. When they close in to stop it, you fake/fake/roll out and burn them; when they cheat to that side, BAM fake dive then hand off on counter, QB continues on fake rollout/pass. Make sure the kids SELL the fakes and the QB always runs out his fakes/rollout even when he doesn't have the ball. You would be suprised how many kids run after the motion of the fakes. If your QB is not allowed to run; you will have to pass more and use more reverses.
  2. You can always have your blitz come from one of the outside DBs. Have them come in at a contain approach. or - when the ball is handed off your corners can come accross in contain form. Trust your backside safety to cover deep middle until he reads reverse.
  3. With the older kids, this may not allow a coach on the field. I would seriously look at having the school get "wrist coaches" for your plays. You can get a lot of plays and options on those little wrist bands. You will find that your leaders and strong players will find a grove quickly, the work as a coach is in making sure that everyone stays involved. If you have a slow 13 year old, playing on a team with some fast 17 year olds - be ready to call plays just for that player (especially on 1st down). The funny thing about flag is that it will likely be a 13 year old who is quickest (tough to grab a flag). I enjoyed coachig the older kids on the deep passes, because you just can't do that at 12U.
  4. flagrocks

    Advice On Beating A 3-1-1 Defense

    I went up against a 3-1-1 two years ago and it definitely took a while to find the weaknesses. I'm assuming zone, where the corners dropped some when they read pass. I made my WRs split out really far, so their outside contain had to move out - or I would hit them with wr quick screens. When they moved out, I was able to run the seam that was left open. You may run into the blitz, but if you use misdirection in your running you will move the ball. If you go empty backfield, you should have the quick slant from the slot. It may take a while, but your wrs and QB will realize when it should be the slant or wr screen. You can also roll your qb and have the slot run a corner route with wr curling in front of the corner. The corner will stick and the safety will never get out there in time. I run a fake counter, qb roll out and hit the slot on a corner route all the time. Of course, at this age the slot is waiting on the duck to come down, but the safety (bites on counter for a second) and corner never covers the route because he has a wr setting up in front of him. If they do cover, your QB can run for yards.