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  1. I run a drill where the kid runs the ball toward the sideline and I play defense. If the kid can beat me to the sideline he should, if I beat him to the sideline he plants and cuts straight upfield. It helps teach when to cutback and works well with about half of the kids. The team we played last week had some kids who would just run straight out of bounds when they couldn't turn the corner, we didn't have that problem. We had a number of long TD runs (we won 39-6) because of good cuts. I can't say they were all because of this drill, but I do think it's helped.
  2. This is my first year coaching flag (5v5 10-13 yr olds) We had our first game Saturday, and thanks to your advice we won 39-6. Our kids were not any better than the other team, but it was obvious we were better prepared. Most of the differences were things I read on this site and emphasized in practices. So thanks again !
  3. thanks to both of you. Tex, that really answered my question. You are saying a 2-3 or 2-1-2 is what you would run to stop this if it were happening to you? CoachRob, sound advice. You are going to have a weakness, make it something that your opponent has more difficulty executing consistently. I appreciate the help. I'm just trying to put together a defense that won't (or at least rarely) gives up something cheap. next questions What is your base zone, and what hurts it the most? Do you have a change-up that solves that weakness and what is it? What do you teach your backers away from flow. Does he pursue parallel to the line for cutback? (do 10-12 yr olds cutback???) on an angle to try and catch ball carrier? or drop deep middle for possible pass?
  4. I would love to see the 5 on 5 rule to change so that you had the option to go for it on 4th down (if you don't get it, defense takes over at spot) or give the ball up after 3rd and the opponent gets it on his 5 yd line. don't actually punt, just say all punts went to the 5.
  5. I'm new at 5 on 5 flag. I have a question for you guys running zone defense. If receiver runs a GO and a slot/back/center/anybody runs into the flat who is covering who? does your corner let the WR go and the safety is supposed to come over the top? does your corner go deep and your backer get to the flats? if so, doesn't a quick run fake hold the backer and leave the flats open? ON PAPER it looks like a quick run fake and easy short pass to the flats may be open all day. I wanted to know what really happens in games. thanks for your help! Mav
  6. Hey guys, I am the head varsity football coach at a pretty successful high school in Ohio. I now find myself as the coach of my 11 year olds spring flag team. I feel I certainly understand kids and football, but I am looking forward to picking all of your brains about what has and hasn't worked for you in 5 on 5. Thanks in advance for the advice I'm going to ask you for. Mav
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