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  1. MrAsylum

    8Man Football.

    It's original tackle. NCAA rules (With changes for 8man)
  2. MrAsylum

    8Man Football.

    Hi everyone. In sweden we are starting 8man leagues to make it easier for teams to play in leagues. Some teams having a rough time to bring 11man togheter and others have around 30players. I've never been in contact with 8man football, just 7 or 9man. Does anybody know something playbook and tactical about just 8man football? Thanks HC Christian Nilsson
  3. MrAsylum

    New Team In Sweden!

    Hi everyone! I'm starting a new team in Sweden. And i'm starting 1 Peewee team (8-13) [9man] 1 U15 (14-15year) [11man] 1 U19 (18-19year) [11man] The core in every team is made out of players i allready coach in another team right now. So this is big for the little town i'm starting in, i got a big amount of money for the start-up, and looking for sponsorship where 2 companys allready agreed. Now i'm looking for the best coach material (DVD, Playbooks and ordinary Books). And where i can find experienced coaches in america that maybe can think about coming over to Sweden for maybe a Training Camp or maybe Head Coaching you'll never know and the sky is the limit. The last part is where i can buy the best and cheapest equipment (50helmets, 50 pads and so on) also where to buy the best and cheapest Jerseys and other training equipment. If don't got the answer to everything please answer something anyway. Thanks for your help. Best Regards Swedish HC Christian Nilsson
  4. MrAsylum

    Robinsson (splittback) Playbook

    I'm lookin at it.. Thanks! Hello Coach, I can see your play now. I hope you got the information I had sent you last night. I see your sweep play is in a "20" set formation (2RBs and 0TE). If you want your play to succeed try playing with a TE on this play (21 set, 2RBs and 1TE). This will change your blocking assignments a little bit. Offensive Line Blocking: The TE will block DE to seal the edge, RT will block the defensive LT, and the RG will pull around the edge to pick up on the SAM LB. Your Center and LT assignments look good and don't need to be changed. But as I stated in the email I sent you, the Center can release his block on the Mike LB after a second or so to pick up on the FS if he needs to- the Center's eyes should be looking up field at this assignment to determine if he needs to release his block or not. Offensive Backfield: The FB will be assigned to block the SS(with having a TE the SS may play closer to the line of scrimmage on the right side to anticipate the run). The QB should start his play to the left and not the right. Otherwise you have too much committed to the right side and this will create an easy read for the defensive secondary to make a play on the ball. When your QB goes to his left to make the handoff, have him complete the play by sprinting out a fake bootleg to the left. This should freeze the FS and weakside LB for about a half second or so. Test the Play: Before trying to incorperate the entire play as a group. Split up your backs and offensive line into two seperate groups and have them work on their new assignments. Offensive Line: Watch your lineman's footwork, especially the pulling guard. The guard needs to get his footwork down and his vision set on the strongside LB to engage the SAM LB just past the edge to create a larger seal. The Center and LT need to make sure they explode fast enough to pick up their zone blocking assignments on the Mike and Will. Again, the Center can release his block from the MLB after about a second or so to engage the FS is necessary. Backfield: The FB needs to get off of the snap quickly and get to the outside edge and will want to drive his block into the SS. The QB (now starting left instead of right) will hand off the ball to the HB and continue his rollout to freeze the FS and the Will LB. The QB will need to sell the bootleg with speed and consealing the handoff look from the FS and weakside LB perspective. Incorperate: Gather your OL and backfield and have them run it in slow motion. Build them up to full speed. Then have them try it against the defense. Where to watch the play develope: I would watch this play develop from 3 spots on the field. From the offensive backfield- This will allow you to watch the OL begin its zone blocking assignments while you can watch the reaction of the LBs and secondary. You will also be able to watch the footwork of your RBs and QB from this postition. From the right sideline- This will allow you to watch the edge form and make sure the WR makes his drive block on the CB and all blocking assignments coming off of the edge. From secondary- You want to be able to see what the secondary may see as the play develops. From here you will be able to see if the QB is selling the bootleg to freeze the FS. Make sure your offensive backfield is looking straight upfield and not the direction of the play. Find the flaws and make the adjustments. Also consider: Lineup your Z WR about 10 yards off of the sidelines. This should commit the CB to play on the outside shoulder of the WR, thus making it an easier block for your WR to push the CB away from the play. You should get much better results than 2 yards. If the play works perfect it is 6 points. Good luck and I hope the information helps.
  5. MrAsylum

    Drills Without Pads

    Good! i'm very happy and i can't wait.
  6. MrAsylum

    Drills Without Pads

    Thank you very mouch!
  7. MrAsylum

    Drills Without Pads

    No one got any drills? What do you all coaches do on a training? If you don't have the energy or time to do it, please just let me know. I'm loggin in every day to see if i can get some new drills ideas to my youth players. Thanks everyone! BEST Regards Christian Nilsson Sweden
  8. Hi everybody! I'm a swedish youth coach, i'm one of those who try to make this sport expand in europe. I've got some 14-18 year old players in my fresh rookie youthteam. I've got some questions, does anyone have any good ideas for my Splittbackformation sweep plays? I want to know the optimize blocking system.. i'm just afraid of outside linebacker on playside and the saftey it feels like they got a free shot on the runningback everytime. And they're makin it pretty quick, if i run with my fastest runningback we be happy if we get 2yards. Please let me know how you had put the blocks on playside. (One inside and one wideout on playside) And ther's also a fullback (ofcourse in splittbackformation) I upload a PDF of my sweep on right side. Thanks for all help you wanna share! Christian Nilsson HC Lugi Vikings U-17 Sweden Splittback_38.pdf
  9. MrAsylum

    Drills Without Pads

    Hi! My name is Christian and I am a youth football coach in Sweden. I am looking for different drills that don't involve pads and minimal contact. Since all my players are really new to the sport they really need to learn the basic basic basics! I will take anything and everything anyone has! My email address is christian@asylum.se. In sweden it's very expensive to play Football.. so if you got any ideas so i can get my kids to stay in the team untill we get money for equipment. Thank you very much! Christian Nilsson HC Lugi Vikings U-17 Team