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  1. The best way to start to increase speed for an athlete is to correct the running form. It's very important the athlete runs on the ball of the feet and make sure to have correct arm swing. Raise thighs high and to push off the ground fast and quick. For agility. the four square drill, ladder drills and jump rope will help on footwork and learning to be light on their feet. Running around cones and creating drills specific to the sport will help on athleticism. One good way is to improve on leg strength. Split squats and single leg squats will help (but make sure on proper form) Hope this helped http://www.softballperformance.com/blog/so...-to-run-faster/
  2. Coach Lia

    Fun Practices?

    I commend you by thinking of ways to make practice fun for your players. Keeping players motivated will help you to see fast improvements. Hope this helps http://www.softballperformance.com/softbal...oftball-drills/
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    Batting Drills

    You may add live pitching to the drills and conditioning drills specific to batting like core and leg workouts http://www.softballperformance.com/blog/7-...your-practices/